Math Empowers Grade 3

Middletown Township Public Schools

Third Grade: Second Trimester: 2017-2018

The second trimester is well underway! Third graders are applying the concepts of multiplication to develop a deep understanding of area. Be sure to check out Graham Fletchy's resources to help strengthen third graders' conceptual understanding of multiplication.

Not Your Mom's Flashcards: Conceptual Understanding of Multiplication

What is the difference between the two terms "from memory" which is found in the second and third grade standards and "memorize" the way which many current adults "learned" their facts growing up? It's simple! Read on! Graham Fletcher explains the difference. Here are 2 resources to help strengthen third graders' conceptual understanding of multiplication.

Multiplication Subitizing Cards

Multiplication Array Cards

Number Talks build and strengthen number sense.

Number Sense is the ability to interact with numbers flexibly and conceptually. Often, the idea of building number sense is associated with the primary grades. However, building and strengthening number sense is crucial to making important connections within math at all levels. In this short 3 minute clip, Jo Boaler shares an example of what it means to have number sense. This example could be used as a Number Talk in the classroom.

Ready to get started but need more support? Click here.

Listen to third grade students reflect on the power of Number Talks.

Which One Doesn't Belong?

WODB activities are a great choice for sparking mathematical reasoning and discourse between students. WODB activities do not have one correct answer. These types of activities are great to use during the "Engage" part of math instruction and can be used as a written math reasoning activity in centers. Click here for a Super Bowl themed WODB!

The 100th Day of School is Almost Here!

Students love to celebrate 100 and February 20 will be the 100th Day of School. One fun idea is to make 100, 100 ways. How many different expressions can third graders discover?

Another fun idea is having a cup building challenge. Give each team 100 solo cups. Which team can build the tallest structure? The widest? A structure where layers represent multiples of 2, 5, 10? Have fun!

Math Instruction Resource Document

Be sure to explore the Math Instruction Resource Document while planning lessons. Over 100 new links were added last year. Resources for chapters 6, 8 and 9 include many options for the Engage part of the Ideal Math Lesson. "Sharing Candy Among Gargoyles" listed within the Engage section of 6.2 and Relating Fractions to Division for 8.5 are two favorites!
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Join the Movement! Making a commitment to growth as a class can be a GAME CHANGER...but how can this be done? Start a journey to achieve a growth mindset together by stop saying “I’m not good at math” and be okay with making mistakes! When you embrace failure, you grow stronger.

Click here to watch a video and take a pledge together with your class - you’re on your way!

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Questions, concerns, resources to share? Contact:

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Elementary Mathematics Specialist

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