The Holocaust

What does the word "Holocaust" mean?

The word "Holocaust" means the killing of the Jewish and other populations by the Nazis and their contributors during World War 2.

Who were the people killed in the Holocaust?

11 million people were killed during the Holocaust. Jews, non-german races, people with disabilities, and non pure germans were the main victims.

Who were the Nazis?

The Nazis were a German Political Party who followed HItler, they were the cause of World War 2, & responsible for the Holocaust.

What does the name "Nazi" stand for?

National Socialist German Workers Party.

What 4 factors contributed to the rise of the Nazis and Hitler?

  1. Hitler was trusted by the President, he gave him a deal to become a Chansler.
  2. After the death of the President, Hitler became a Dictator.
  3. Hitler took away Civil Rights, and Boycotted businesses.
  4. Nazis were a large army, when they invaded France, and won they gained all control.

Who were the SS?

The SS were Nazi troops that were in control.

What were the four main ways that Nazi's tried to control the public's opinion?

Hitler and the Nazis made newspapers, posters, parades, persuasive speeches, and marked shops with things to turn the rest of the Germans against the Jews, and all other races.