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Invented: 200 BC or 1100 AD by the Chinese

Reason: It was suppose to act as a modern day calculator to help add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Link to Picture: http://indirapuramdirectory.com/universal-abacus-edu-tech-pvt-ltd/abacus-training.html

Machines Throughout Time

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is a semiconductor design and manufacturing company. They create embedded processors and software tools.


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January 21, 1944 the first computer was created.

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The internet was first created in 1966 in Michigan.

The E-commerce began 44 years ago, this made it possible to pay and make transactions on the computer.


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Inline-three Engine

Founded: 1979

What it does: It controls the crankshaft

Where can you access it: From a car shop or a manufactor.

When was it created: 1980

Why was it created: To make the shift gear run smooth

Does it have a storefront : No


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Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft and it is worth roughly 37 Billion Dollars.

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Steve Jobs, Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne

Created Apple on April 1, 1767 to develop and sell personal computers.

Computer Games

The first computer was created in 1936.

Z1 was the first computer game.


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Tommorow Land at Disney Worlds shows technology in the past, present and furture.

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The first computer weighed 30 short tons and consumed 150 kW of power.

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Dr. Robert C. Good, Jr.

Utilized medical imaging technology to diagnose medical conditions. (X-Rays)


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In May 1996, a chess playing computer called Deep Blue defeated Russian chess master Garry Kasparov.

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Was a plan in 1940 to plan calculus. Was produced by a German production company.


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The world wide web was the firt to use an E-commerce website.

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The NOOK is purchased less frequently compared to a Kindle but both are not frequently purchased on a E-commerce website.

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