Come now and enjoy everything that Romania has to offer!

The Basics (Location, Weather and Climate)

Romania is located in Southeastern- central Europe boarding the Black Sea between Bulgaria and Ukraine. The weather for the week starts off in the high 50's and by Sunday in the high 70's. Romania has hot summers and heavy storms Temperatures between 73-95 degrees. Cold winters with temperatures well below zero to 14-32 degrees. 98% of Romania's Rivers and springs are from the Carpathian mountains. Lake St. Anna located in Ciomatu Mare Massif, near Tusnacl. It is the only Volcanic lake in Romania.

How to Fit in (Language, Folkways, Taboos and Vaules)

Romanian is the official language of Romania, but some people also speak Hungarian. It contains many words from Slavic languages, French, German, Greek and Turkish. Family is the foundation of social structure, The father is the head of the family. They are reserved with a very strong need for privacy. Most people do not trust strangers. You have to develop a relationship with them so they open to you. They are religious and most of them are Eastern Orthodox. Titles are very important in their society. Must have respect for everyone. Older people are seen to be the wisest because they have earned life experience. They are a hieharchy and age and position are highly respected. You can not be intimate with your significant other until yours friends say that it is alright to do so. They do not like to be called by their first names, unless you are family or a really close friends. You call people by their last name with Mr. or Mrs. in front of it. Friends can use first name but still have to use Mr. or Mrs. Only close friends can use first names.

Digging Deeper Into Culture (Subculture, Culture Landscape, Culture Diffuison and Change)

Two Subcultures that are in Romania are Romanian's 89.5% of the people and Hungarians 6.6% of the people. Dracula's Castle is in between two mountains. By the end of the 14th century the king had gave up the leadership and it stood empty until a new king came about and took over the Castle. The Castle is now a museum and open to the public. They have some Cultural Diffusion, the different religions that they have. German 0.3% and Protestant 6.8%. The Cultural Change that they have sexual intercourse without approval from their friends.


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