The 8th Amendment

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The 8th Amendment

Your punishment should fit your crime. You shouldn't have to pay too much bail or unreasonable fines. The government can't punish you in a cruel or unusual way.

Court Case

Arave v. Creech murdered a man in 1993. He was sentenced to a death penalty , and that caught the viewers eyes.

Court Case Scenario

Bob v. Bobby: It was a day like any other, and there it happened. Bob was on the tallest building in Dallas and he killed that man in the middle of day. Bob shot the man, and tossed him over the side of the building. This caught the attention of many, and they called the police. When they scanned for finger prints, they found the murderer. They took Bob in and they sentenced him to a death penalty. They never knew who the victim was, and they still haven't found out.

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