Information about Floods

Floods are....

Floods are natural disasters. It is an overflowing amount of water arriving from a creek, dam, sea or lake.

How are floods destroying lives?

Floods are devastating. These floods destruct homes of desperate residents. Lost children and adults sometimes don' t survive in these hazardous conditions. Some of these people have lost loved ones and their homes.

How does it affect the environment?

It affects the environment by destroying trees on which creates oxygen for us to breathe in. It also affects us and the environment by the livestock and the food we need to survive. These floods are destroying everything we need to survive.

The Great Mississippi Flood

The great Mississippi flood arrived in 1927.

500 hundred people killed and 600000 were homeless in the population of America.

A flooded suburban area.

Anyone up for an EXPERIMENT

Resources- Method-

1. Fill the shoebox lid with flour.

2. Use the ruler to smooth out the so that it is levelled.

. 3. Use the pop juice bottle and squirt 15-25 drops of

water into the flour.

4. Place the sieve over the bowl. Carefully pour

the flour from the lid into the bowl. Shake the sieve gently.

5. Place the built below the bowl then pour the water

6. Observe the raindrops on the town.

- shoebox lid

- flour

- ruler

- bowl

- fine mesh sieve

- bottle

- built town ,