Young man and women dead!

2 people killed by the redcoats

Bess, the landlord's daughter

A young lady named Bess, the landlord's daughter, was found shot in the chin on a ghostly night. She had long black hair and dark eyes(Her profile painting is to the right). It is said that she shot herself, as to warn her friend, the highwayman, that the redcoats were there. The gun was on her chest when she pulled the trigger. She was instantly dead. She will be missed by the landlord (her father) and Tim, a young man who loved her. Her bravery will be missed as well as her courage.
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The Highwayman

Above is a painting of what the highwayman supposedly looked like. Not sure of his real name, the highwayman was very sneaky, as he was a thief. He was killed the same night as Bess. He was going back to see her and he was shot by redcoats. The highwayman was also a very committed man. He was committed to his job as a thief and in his relationship with Bess, the landlord's daughter. The highwayman wore a French cocked-hat on his forehead. He also usually wore a coat of claret velvet. The highwayman was pronounced dead about an hour after being ambushed and shot down by British redcoats. He will be missed by Bess.