New year's traditions

made by Miguel

people celebrate the new years differently

some people celebrate it at home with family and friend, others celebrate it with in there own wacky ways like who can eat more tacos al pastor or beater know as ¨pork tacos¨

(old family tradition)

at least 49% of 8th graters light up fireworks

54% of 8th watch other people light up fire works and in america 13% light up fire works.

at least 26% of 8th graters go on vacation an new year's and in america 45% do the same thing

47% of 8th graters host or attend to a party 90% in all america go to party's

66% of Americans watch foot ball on new year and 63% of 8th graters watch the game

15% of 8th greaters celebrate new year on a other day then dec31/jan1 54% also do it.