Bio Mass

By: England Dingle

what is Bio Mass ?

bio mass is any oraganic matter (anyy\thing that was once alive) that could be used as an energy soucre such as wood, crops, yard, & animal waste.

What is the use of bio mass?

until the mid- !800, woods gave americans 90% of energy they used. today bio mass provides us over 4% of the energy we use. It has been replaced by coal, natural gas, petroleum, & other energy resourse

What does burning have to do with bio mass?

ƒ Burning
Wood was the biggest energy provider in the United States and
the rest of the world until the mid-1800s. Wood heated homes and
fueled factories. Today, wood supplies only a little of our country’s
energy needs. Wood is not the only biomass that can be burned. U.S. Biomass Consumption by Sector, 2010 Wood shavings, fruit pits, manure, and corn cobs can all be burned
for energy


Garbage is another source of biomass. Garbage can be burned to 51.9% generate steam and electricity. Power plants that burn garbage
and other waste for energy are called waste-to-energy plants.
These plants are a lot like coal-fired plants. The difference is the

25.6% RESIDENTIAL 9.8%