Gavin F.

Creative and Athletic

About me

I am a native american who loves to play football, wrestling,and soccer with freinds or family and i also like to draw and make testalations on graph paper or regular paper my favorite activity on my free time is to draw or go to sleep my favorite type of dogs are the corgi and chow chow and the german shepards

Where I was born

I was born in Norfolk Nebraska with my twin brother Landon F. i also have 4 other brothers Ash,Keegan,Gabe,Micha but their step brothers but i treat them as my real brothers

summer activities

in summer i like to go to powwow and dance with my cousins casue its our tradition and i like to learn our launguage with our elders and every year at a powwow there is always a color run or a 2 mile run with 50 or 70 people and the last 3 years i placed 3rd and my brother landon placed 1st and we both got 20 dollars for winning