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HMS Family :)

Parents and students, it was an awesome week and we are looking forward to even more learning this week. Thank you for responding to teachers that have been reaching out about academics and meetings. We try to stay in constant communication with students, teachers, and parents so we are all on the same page.

Dr. Fowler and Ms. Bates

Trophy case anyone?

As the gym has been repainted and looks AMAZING, Coach Allen and Coach Wallace are painting the gym hallway. The plaques are hanging on the wall and we feel are not getting the attention they deserve! We are super proud of our Indians and before purchasing, wanted to see if anyone had a trophy case they are willing to donate. Email if you have one or a lead. Thanks!
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Use Revtrack to get caught up on lunch charges

The best place to pay for EVERYTHING! It's online and you can use your card.

Emails are sent to parents when students have charges of $10 or more. An alternate lunch will be provided for students with charge amounts over $10 to prevent excessive charge amounts. We want all of our students to eat. Don't forget that if your student receives free lunch then they also receive free breakfast.

This Week!

  • MONDAY (27): A great day of learning!/Cheatham Achievers 3-5:30/Theatre club 3-4:30pm-must have your own ride home.
  • TUESDAY (28): 5th grade field trip/ Cheatham Achievers 3-5:30 / Tutoring 3-4pm/ Magic Cards club in Mr. McCoy's room (8th grade hall) 3-5pm-must have ride home/ Basketball games at Coffman Middle School
  • WEDNESDAY (29): Guitar Club 3-4pm with Mr. Vaughn- must have ride home/ Cheatham Achievers 3-5:30
  • THURSDAY (30): Cheatham Achievers 3-5:30 / Tutoring 3-4pm
  • FRIDAY (31): A great day of learning! Get pumped for the Super Bowl on Sunday!

Upcoming Dates!

School Calendar 2019-2020

January 27- 5th grade field trip

Jan. 30- 6th-8th grade Related Arts rotation 4 begins

February 14- Early dismissal

February 17- No school- President's Day

Feb. 21- 5th grade Related Arts rotation 5 begins

March 20-Report Card Day

March 23- 6th-8th grade Related Arts rotation 5 begins

March 26- CTE Showcase, 8th grade goes to HHS (more info to come)

March 30- April 3-Spring Break, No school

April 10- Good Friday, No school

April 13-5th grade Related Arts rotation 6 begins

April 24-Progress Reports

April 27-30- 8th graders scheduling high school classes (more info to come)

May 4-8- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 14- Graduation Walk

May 21- No school, staff only

May 22- Report card pick up


We have a request for the sake of consistency that our students and parents would use the school phone for communication during the day instead of texting. We understand that emergencies arise during the day, but students are supposed to have their phones off unless the teacher gives them permission. We want to keep the communication open, we just ask that we all stay on the same page with using the school phone. Thank you.
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Appropriate attire-

If leggings are worn, please make sure the shirt covers the students' backside.

If jeans have holes in them please make sure they are below the mid thigh area.

Please make sure your student is in the boundaries of the dress code before they leave the house. We appreciate your efforts in helping our students look appropriate, comfortable, and ready for school.

Stay in Touch!

Stay in touch on Instragram: @harpethmiddleschool

Twitter: @HMSIndians

Facebook: HMSIndians

FAX #: 615.952.4723

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Motto & Mission of HMS for our teachers and students:   

Encourage, Inspire, and Uplift our students and faculty professionally, academically, and personally. We are Harpeth Middle Champions. We know what we stand for. We will never give up.