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Spirit Week!

Hello HMS Families, we hope everyone will join in and participate in spirit week! We are gearing up to have an awesome academic week as well!

Blessings! -Dr. Fowler and Ms. Miller

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Step It Up Fundraiser

Hello Parents and Families!

We are excited to offer a way to give back to HARPETH MIDDLE SCHOOL! On 9/20/2021 we will be kicking off our fall fundraiser to help benefit our students and staff. Our STEP IT UP fundraiser, more specifically, will help with funding classroom supplies, learning tools, Future Field Trips, Student Activities, Student Recognition, and School Assemblies.

It is going to be AWESOME; and we are excited to get started!

A few things to note:

· This fundraiser will be very easy for you. It only requires about 10 minutes of your time.

· Your students can earn great prizes, just for their effort. No money required!

· This is an online, donation-based fundraiser, and the donation requests can go to people you know anywhere in the world. That means, no direct pressure on your shoulders.

Students will be bringing home more information tomorrow after our Launch

Party Assembly. Please help your student register and complete the Golden Ticket assignment THAT VERY NIGHT! All students who complete the Golden Ticket assignment will receive fun PRIZES and it does not require any money to register. We will also be doing some fun drawings for an Amazon Gift Card and 4 Mini Party Fridges stuffed with CASH!

I will be sending a few more emails throughout the two-week fundraising

period. Please contact us directly if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your support!


Dr. Fowler and Ms. Miller


Major Congratulations to our KODA Officers at HMS this year! We are so proud of you, and we know you will do great things!

Our KODA presidents are: AVA GREEN and ISABELLA HOGAN



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TECH TIP for the WEEK!

1. Knights and Castles

(Android, iPhone, iPad) Encyclopedia Britannica has many apps for mobile devices geared at teaching children about important topics in social studies and science. Upper elementary schoolers looking to explore history will love Knights and Castle. This comprehensive resource includes articles, games, quizzes and multimedia that will support children as they dig into this history topic.

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8th grade soccer night was a success! Congrats on an amazing season, ladies!

Pegram Youth Basketball Association

ATTN Pegram parents/guardians!

PYBA needs more girls interested in playing basketball! If you have a 3rd/4th/5th/6th grader interested in playing basketball for PYBA, please contact us! Our numbers have grown this year, but we still need a few more girls to fill our teams. This is the perfect time to learn how to play and build your confidence! We have amazing coaches and we're going to have such a good season. Please e-mail us at or at (615) 430-5010. Please share to help us get the word out!

Cheer Swag on sale now! Schoolwide swag store coming soon on Revtrak!

Contact or a cheerleader for your cheer swag!

Go Fan- to buy tickets for sports events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cheatham County School District has paperless tickets, a quicker way to enter middle and high school games this season. Fans must purchase tickets online by using GoFan. Harpeth Middle School:

Bus Bar Codes


This week's events!

Monday, September 20- Fundraiser Kick off! Girls Soccer @ Hickman Middle/ Volleyball @ Dickson- DECADES DAY!

Tuesday, September 21- Volleyball @ Burns- SPORTS JERSEY DAY!

Wednesday, September 22- Volleyball vs Cheatham HOME- HEREOS & VILLIANS DAY!- Make up picture day!

Thursday, September 23- Volleyball vs Charlotte HOME/ Football vs Cheatham HOME- -SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY! -8th grade night (Football, cheer, & golf before the football game- around 6:15pm)

Friday, September 24- Half Day dismissal (11:45)- Fandom Friday! - M&M time!

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Lunch Menu- click on the actual date

Grade level info for quarantined students:

5th grade:

5th Grade Plans for Quarantine Students:
There will be a weekly packet to pick-up in the front office along with a video explanation found in their Schoology Course. The packet may include paper copies and/or an assignment checklist of instructions for Schoology assignments or other online resources.

6th grade:

All assignments are on Schoology. Video of lessons are also on Schoology.

7th grade:

7th Grade Quarantine/ Extended Absences.

There is a packet available in the front office for any student who must be absent. It has content for every subject within it. Students need to continue to check Schoology for assignments being done in class and complete any items that you can at home. Students will need their Math and ELA workbooks, as assignments are assigned in those books.

Upon the student's return, we will assess the standards that were sent with the student and fill in any gaps of learning that may have occurred. Please take these lessons at home seriously, as we do not want students to come back and be far behind in their content knowledge. We will also be collecting the assignments and viewing them when they return and replace/update any classwork grades based on their work completed. We urge all quarantined students to pick up the packet from the office and stay up to date in their Schoology (if possible). Have students email their teachers if they have questions or confusions.

8th grade:

8th grade students on quarantine should check Schoology and their student emails daily for assignments and instructions. Teachers will post videos to Schoology when teaching new content. If you have questions please email the teacher directly.

21-22 School Calendar! WE ADDED A MOVIE NIGHT!

September 20-24th- Spirit Week!

September 20th- Step It Up Fundraiser Kick off!

September 22nd- National Prayer at the Pole

September 22nd- Make Up Picture Day

September 23rd- Football & Golf 8th grade night

September 24th- 11:45 Student Dismissal (Staff PD)

October 5th- KSES Police night

October 11th- Columbus Day- No School

October 12th-15th- Fall Break- No School


October 22- Report Cards

October 25-29- Red Ribbon Week!

November 1st- Parent Teacher Conference Day- No School

November 8- National STEAM Day

November 10th- STEAM family night

November 11th- Veterans' Day- No School

November 19th- Progress Reports

November 24th-26th- Thanksgiving Break- No School

December 3rd- 11:45 Student Dismissal (Staff PD)

December 17th- 10:45 Dismissal

December 20th-31st- Winter Break- No School

January 3rd- Admin Day- Staff Only

January 4th- First Day Back for Students

January 7th- Report Cards

January 17th- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School

February 11th- Progress Reports

February 18th- 11:45 Student Dismissal (Staff PD)

February 21st- President's Day- No School

March 1st-4th- Inclusion Week! March 3rd- National Inclusion Day- Spread the Word to End the Word

March 18th- Report Cards

March 28th -1st - Spring Break- No School

April 14th- 11:45 Student Dismissal (Staff PD)

April 15th - Good Friday- No School

April 22nd- Progress Reports

May 26th- Admin/Staff Day- No Students

May 27th- Report Card Day

TCAP PORTAL INFO: student printed score report with ID number is coming home SOON!

TCAP Family Portal

Parents and guardians deserve clear information about their child’s education and progress. To meet this need, we are excited to share a useful tool from the Tennessee Department of Education—the TCAP Family Portal. The TCAP Family Portal is now available for families of students who participated in the Spring 2021 TCAP administration.

On the TCAP Family Portal, families can find detailed, personalized, information about their student’s progress and what to do next. In the TCAP Family Portal, you can:

  • get immediate, on-demand access to your student’s state test results via your phone or computer,
  • track your student’s progress over time with the “Test History” feature;
  • learn the areas where your student demonstrated strengths and the areas where they can grow; and
  • find clear next steps to help your student improve.

Families can register for the portal at with their student’s state ID number. The state ID, which is also referred to as a USID, is located on the top left-hand corner of the printed score report. Use the seven-digit number found on your student's ISR and add two zeroes in front of that number. The resulting nine-digit number will be the username required to create an account for your student. For example, a state ID 1234567 would become 001234567.

Information that stays in the newsletter:

School supplies request $55

Every year we ask for a school supplies donation of $55 for anyone who can swing it. This keeps us floating through the year as we run out of materials or want to purchase more online resources. If you are willing, you can donate on Revtrak or send in cash or check made out to HMS. Thank you!

REVTRAK: a place to pay for anything school related

Here is a link to the HMS Revtrak that is found on the BOE website's quick links page. You can pay for just about anything here.

Bring back your equipment agreement as soon as possible! And the $30 security deposit. Thanks!

Below is the Classlink page that takes you to Schoology.


Hey parents, the new rules says no holes above the knees. We understand with fashion it's hard to find pants without holes now. Please patch holes above the knees or ask your student to wear leggings underneath is all we ask. No need to buy new pants. Thanks!

7th grade shot reminder from Nurse Debbie

If your child is in 7th grade, please make sure that we have an updated shot record. Your child should have their second varicella, if not received in elementary school, and the tdap booster. If you have chosen an exemption, please contact me so we can have the appropriate paperwork on file. The shot record/exemption are required for school attendance and need to be turned in prior to September 7th. Your child will not be able to attend school without the proper paperwork on that date. Feel free to contact me at the school, 615-952-2293 ext 2116 or email me at The paperwork can be emailed to me or faxed to the school at 615-952-4723. Thank you so much for your help.
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Laptop information


As school begins, computers will be distributed. If ever you have questions about the student laptop, email to troubleshoot. Or call the tech department above this.
Every student must fill out the computer agreement and we suggest you paying the $30 for insurance in case your student damages the computer.

Please watch this video from Will Lockert about the laptops & new equipment agreement forms will be coming home with the students.

Reminder to all students now: charge laptops at night and shut them down so they don’t update during school.

HMS stance on grading and feedback:

At HMS we believe grades are used for communication about where our students are with their learning. Our teacher give feedback which is vital and often more beneficial than an actual "number grade" because this guides students to understand what they are learning or not.

We are at the perfect time to continue to shift our numerical grade focused culture (which sends students into anxiety stricken panic attacks at times) into one that is more determined for students to LEARN the content. A numerical grade should reflect this learning and help students realize where they are with learning the standards, but often it deters them from trying to learn the content because so much pressure is riding on what grade they received.

However, please note, in the process of learning, there is a struggle and students make mistakes. They won't always master the standard immediately. This is okay! Mistakes are literal proof that a child is learning. This is why teachers reteach and retest. Did you know that when direct feedback is given to a student versus a 65 (or any number) on their paper, research shows that students (adults included) are more motivated to go back, correct, and learn the concept? Not only that, the students RETAIN the information.

All of that to say, our progress reports have numerical grades but also have written feedback on where your student is for right now in their learning. Class assignments this entire school year could have more feedback and less numerical grades as well. As a parent, you will know more about where your child is in their learning. We ask that you help us in this shift and when you talk with your students about school, ask "what are you learning?" instead of "what are your grades?" Somehow, we have a huge disconnect in our culture, not just here at HMS, that many students just want a grade, rather than to learn something. This will not serve our students well going forward, nor will it help our society.

Here at HMS, a numerical grade should represent the level of learning; it's for communication.

If all of this is clear as mud, just let me know and we will talk :)

Dr. Fowler

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