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HMS students, teachers, and parents are awesome!

Hello HMS Families, we hope you have enjoyed all the snow! We loved the photos and videos you shared! We will be virtual tomorrow. See below assignments for those with no internet. If you know of people that cannot access this newsletter, please call or text them. We will do an all call as well, but we do not want to miss anyone. Thank you for your teamwork!

Dr. Fowler and Ms. Miller

Students with internet:

-You are expected to log in to RTI at 7:45am.

-Mrs. Carlton's RTI will not have a conference; however, there will be an assignment posted.

-Mrs. Garrison's RTI will not have a conference; however, there will be an assignment posted.

-5th graders: be aware that you have a new Related Arts starting tomorrow. The conference will appear on your Schoology page.

-Reminder: there is never a conference for PE but assignments will be posted on Schoology.

-All students follow your normal schedule and log into ALL of your classes. This includes RTI and Related Arts.

-Looking forward to a great day of learning online!

Students with no internet: the following assignments are due on Tuesday so you can be counted as present.

FYI: If you were already on our "no internet list" you will receive a phone call from an HMS staff member checking in with you so you know what assignments to complete. Turn those assignments in on Tuesday. Thanks!

5th grade students with no internet:

Social Studies: Write 2-3 paragraphs summarizing the causes of the Great Depression.

Draw rides or roller coasters or Disney World that represent the following patterns of motion: back-and-forth, circular and up-and-down.

Math: students create 10 mixed number problems. Five addition and five subtraction. Must show work on all.

Fifth grade language: Write about your snow days! 3-5 paragraphs, narrative essay. Give tons of detail!

6th grade students with no internet:

Math Passen and Roberts

Write 3 paragraphs on what you know about percentages and how percentages are used in every day life OR write 3 paragraphs on how you used math over the snow break (measurement, cooking, ect.)

LANGUAGE ARTS-6th Grade Green and Johnson

Choice #1

Assignment: Write a 5 paragraph essay about the challenges and triumphs of this school year.

Wow! When you think about this school year, where do you begin?! We have definitely had some ups and downs! I want you to reflect on this school year with a purpose. What better way to express your thoughts than to write them out? Here is what you should include in your writing:

· Paragraph One-Topic sentence/main idea of your essay

· Paragraph Two (1st body paragraph)-Choose a challenge or triumph to write about and make sure you have a good topic sentence and supporting details as well as a conclusion.

· Paragraphs 3-4 (2nd and 3rd body paragraphs)-same as 2

· Paragraph Five-Conclusion paragraph that wraps up essay nicely

Choice #2

Assignment: Illustrate this school year! If you could draw, sketch, or paint a picture of what this school year has looked like to you, what would you include? Think about the challenges and triumphs of this school year. Has this year been difficult? Stressful? Easy? What pictures or colors or designs come to your mind as you reflect on this year? Under your picture, or on a separate sheet of paper, write a caption and a short paragraph explaining the details of your illustration. Be creative!

Science Patenaude

Watch any documentary on TV/Movie on renewable resources and write 5 important facts that you learned in complete sentences.

Social Studies Johnson and Passen

Write 3 paragraphs to answer the following question. How did Ancient Israel's belief in monotheism influence daily life and society in the ancient world and how does it continue to influence daily life and society in today's modern world?

7th grade students with no internet:

No Internet Assignment for all 7th graders for each class.

For each class . . . You should have an essay to give each teacher upon your return, one for each class; Math, ELA, SS, and Science. Your teachers prefer that you type your essays and email them when you arrive back on campus but handwritten essays will be accepted as well.

Answer these two questions with at least ONE PARAGRAPH for each question. GRAMMAR counts!

Question 1:

Name one skill/subject that you feel you understand really well and could explain to a struggling classmate. Write about what you know about that subject/skill. You could write about activities that you found helpful or why you think you did so well with that subject/skill.

Question 2:

Name one skill/subject that you have covered in this class that you do not feel as though you understand well or is an area of weakness. Write about what you know and what you can do to understand it better; make an action plan.

8th grade students with no internet:

8th grade Math - Work on review with pgs 212 -217 in the iready instruction book.

Integrated Math 1- Text Ms. Dennison if you do not have the internet. :)

Social Studies- 1 pager drawings or a page of notes reviewing all major learnings so far this year up to Washington presidency.

Science- Write a paragraph and draw images that describe: plate tectonic movement, the rock cycle, and the importance of convection currents.

ELA- continue work on essays with the reminder that They need to have each paragraph approved before moving on.

Related Arts assignments for students with no internet:

Music with Mrs. Greece:

Students who do not have Internet access need to write a one page paper about their own personal anthem. This should be a song that actually describes them, not just their favorite song. This song could describe their personality, life experiences, ways that they feel emotionally, etc. Please include the title of the song, the artist of the song, the style or genre of music, “some lyrics that are the reason this song is their own personal anthem, and why they are choosing this song (which will be the bulk of the answer).

Band with Mr. Vaughn

Art with Mrs. Austin:

All Grade levels will do the daily draw: Your Shoe. Please put in plenty of details! No flip flops! If you did not take your art folder home, you will do a finished drawing of your shoe. It should take the entire class period. If you cannot submit your work due to no internet hold on to them and submit them in class on Tuesday.

PE with Coach Wallace and Coach Allen:


  • Jumping Jacks (15)
  • Torso Twists (30 seconds)
  • Standing Toe touches (10 seconds)
  • Groin Stretch (10 seconds)
  • Quad Stretch (10 seconds each leg)


  • Choose your skill level (Traditional or modified) and make sure to use proper form.
  • Proper form includes: straight back, hips level with your back and legs, lower your body until your elbows make an "L" shape, lift your body until your arms are straight, then repeat.
  • Do as many pushups as you can do in 30 seconds (use a timer). You can take breaks and restart your pushup count, but keep the clock running. Record your number-you will enter it in your weekly activity log.

Air Squats

  • Do air squats for 30 seconds (use a timer). Your goal is to perform the squats for the entire 30 seconds.
  • Use proper form which includes: feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, keep your back straight, bend your knees to lower your body, go as low as you would to sit in a normal chair, straighten legs to complete the exercise.

Mountain Climbers

  • Do mountain climbers for 30 seconds (use a timer).
  • Your goal is to perform the mountain climbers for the entire 30 seconds.

Optional Challenge: Repeat the push-ups, air squats and mountain climbers 1 or 2 times before you move on to the cool down below.

Cool Down

  • Standing Toe Touches (10 seconds)
  • Groin Stretch (10 seconds each leg)
  • Quad Stretch (10 seconds each leg)

Call for help!

See numbers below for Coach Katie, Counselors, and Ms. Dennison. Also, if you need Ms. Christy Barton 615.375.4587 or Mrs. Dale Gusty 615.378.7035, please reach out!

This week's events: No sports practicing tomorrow (soccer, softball, baseball)

Monday (22): Virtual learning day! /Also, Bus Driver appreciation day! Please write a letter to your bus driver thanking them. Turn it into the front office so we can put it in their baskets we are giving them with treats!/ 5th grade has new Related Arts- conference on your Schoology page./ No sports games or practices.

Tuesday (23): A great day of learning!

Wednesday (24): A great day of learning!

Thursday (25): A great day of learning!/ Home baseball game Varsity 5pm and JV after

Friday (26): A great day of learning!

Below is the newsletter from last Sunday in case anyone missed it!

5th grade girls played awesome in their youth league this weekend! (Pegram Elementary needs more girls to play next year. Spread the word!)

Way to play 5th grade fellas! A great game in the Battle of the Birds!

HMS Teachers are lifelong learners. They are always collaborating and improving!

The Harpeth Herald Newspaper! FEBRUARY EDITION!

Shout out to Mrs. Pyrdum's Journalism RTI for creating our newspaper! Check it out!

Sports: for all those that made the teams, congrats! Make sure to be in contact with your coach for communication about practices and games!

We will be posting sports schedules on our website this week!

20-21 Calendar

January 25- start using badge or barcode to get on the bus (should be getting new badges and barcodes SOON for those who don't have one)

February: Black History Month!

February 22- School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

March 1-5th- Read Across America Week

March 12th- Finished with Math much did you grow?! (Champion Challenge!)

March 16th- Finished with ELA much did you grow?! (Champion Challenge!)

March 19th- Finished with much did you grow in Soc.St/ Sci?! (Champion Challenge!)

March 19-Report Card Day

March 22-26-Spring Break, No school (When we come back- Champion Challenge treats!)

April 2- Good Friday, no school

April 21- TCAP test (this is not an all day event)

April 23-Progress Reports

April 27- TCAP test (this is not an all day event)

April 28- TCAP test (this is not an all day event)

April 29- TCAP test (this is not an all day event)

May 4- TCAP test (this is not an all day event)

May 5- TCAP test (this is not an all day event)

May 3-7- Teacher Appreciation Week! AND specialties! (Mon: Custodial/Maintenance, Tues: Technology staff, Wed: Nurses, Thurs: Cafeteria staff, Fri: Daycare staff)


May 27-Admin. Day- No students

May 27- Report card pick up

*Summer School the month of June- more info to come.

Congrats to SRO and Teacher of the Year!!!

Congrats to Todd Bell (SRO) and Dawn Green (6th grade ELA) for being incredible in their field. Both suit up and show up daily with a desire to help and protect children. They are devoted to Harpeth Middle School and getting to know our students better every day. Officer Bell spends time helping at other schools when needed. Mrs. Green also serves on the Ark board. Each of them stay connected to our community as well as serving within HMS. We are SO GRATEFUL to work with them daily and celebrate in their achievements!!!
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WHY? – Let’s show our academic gains in comparison to the other middle schools in the county. We all have been working so hard to learn during this wild year, so it’s time to measure our progress and see how much we have grown!

HOW?- Your class percentages on tests/quizzes will be on the board per class so you can track how well you are doing. Prior to the actual Benchmark and end of Q3, you will conference with your teacher about your last benchmark/semester grade. Your attendance percent will be on the wall for RA.

REWARDS- If you show growth on your benchmark or quarter 3 grade, then there will be tiered rewards! (The RA group with the best attendance gets rewarded, too!)

Growth in Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science classes:

1 class- Prize

2 classes- Extra Recess

3 classes- Popcorn

4 classes- Pizza

Virtual Students- Will receive rewards too for your growth!! We can send slushie passes, Sonic Drinks, etc.

Start Date- Monday, January 25

End Date- Friday, March 19

Information that stays in the newsletter:

Go Fan- to buy tickets for sports events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cheatham County School District has paperless tickets, a quicker way to enter middle and high school games this season. Fans must purchase tickets online by using GoFan. Harpeth Middle School:

Below is the Classlink page that takes you to Schoology.

REVTRAK: a place to pay for anything school related

Here is a link to the HMS Revtrak that is found on the BOE website's quick links page. You can pay for just about anything here.
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Laptop information

5th and 6th grade Virtual learners: please email to set up a date and time to get your student's laptop.
5th and 6th graders still needing to get their laptops, please fill out the computer agreement and we suggest you paying the $30 for insurance in case your student damages the computer.

Please watch this video from Will Lockert about the laptops. Here is the link to the agreement form, Will Lockert’s video about laptops, & more.

Reminder to all students now: charge laptops at night and shut them down so they don’t update during school.

HMS stance on grading and feedback:

*Note: Skyward and Schoology are still syncing so for now, you could see a difference in grades on each.

Friday's first Progress Report could look a little different. Many teachers have not recorded grades or very few, for the simple fact of teaching students to log in, use the platform, and reviewing content from last year. However, they have been giving feedback which is vital and often more beneficial than an actual "number grade" because this guides students to understand what they are learning or not.

This is the perfect time to shift our numerical grade focused culture (which sends students into anxiety stricken panic attacks at times) into one that is more determined for students to LEARN the content. A numerical grade should reflect this learning and help students realize where they are with learning the standards, but often it deters them from trying to learn the content because so much pressure is riding on what grade they received.

However, please note, in the process of learning, there is a struggle and students make mistakes. They won't always master the standard immediately. This is okay! Mistakes are literal proof that a child is learning. This is why teachers reteach and retest. Did you know that when direct feedback is given to a student versus a 65 (or any number) on their paper, research shows that students (adults included) are more motivated to go back, correct, and learn the concept? Not only that, the students RETAIN the information.

All of that to say, this progress report could have numerical grades but could also have written feedback on where your student is for right now in their learning. Class assignments this entire school year could have more feedback and less numerical grades as well. As a parent, you will know more about where your child is in their learning. We ask that you help us in this shift and when you talk with your students about school, ask "what are you learning?" instead of "what are your grades?" Somehow, we have a huge disconnect in our culture, not just here at HMS, that many students just want a grade, rather than to learn something. This will not serve our students well going forward, nor will it help our society.

Here at HMS, a numerical grade should represent the level of learning; it's for communication.

If all of this is clear as mud, just let me know and we will talk :)

Dr. Fowler

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From HMS faculty and staff....WE LOVE YOUR KIDDOS!

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