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That's a wrap!

Dear Parents & Students, thank you for an unforgettable year. We appreciate every one of you and we will see you around! Have a great summer!!!

Dr. Fowler and Ms. Bates

Goodbye 8th graders! We miss you already! Click the link for the video!

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We know how much you love sporks....YEA RIGHT!

We thought we could change your mind about them by allowing them to be your ticket at Sweet T's in downtown Kingston Springs, for FREE GELATO!!! YOU ARE ALL CHAMPIONS!!

Just walk in and tell them you are an HMS 8th grader and give them your spork to get free gelato.

We will give you these this week at Pick up/drop off.

We love you and are SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

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Welcome 5th graders! We are SOO excited for you to come to HMS!! Click the link for the video. Share with any 4th graders!

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Please help Mrs. Carlton track down library books, thanks!

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Virtual Awards will come out this week, too!

Medication pick up will also be at the last station where we bring out locker items. Thx, Nurse Ealy!

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May Thornton's Teacher of the Month!

Ms. Christy Barton is an inclusion teacher at HMS. She is a go-getter!! She goes above and beyond to ensure our students get the tools they need to succeed. She has so much positive energy and a huge heart for our students. We appreciate you, Ms. Christy!!
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May Petro Parent of the Month!

Mrs. Leann Webb and her husband are amazing parents to one of our HMS Champions. They are on top of everything and make sure that their student is doing whatever the teacher is asking for and more! Ms. Leann is willing to help HMS in anyway and we are looking forward to next year! Thank you, Webb family!
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May Employee of the Month!

Mrs. Melanie Edwards is the most caring teacher that has walked the halls of HMS. She is willing to do anything for anybody. She is kind, caring, and LOVES the students at HMS. She has been teaching in Cheatham County for a very long time and we appreciate all of the years of pouring her heart into education. We appreciate you, Mrs. Edwards!
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HMS End of Year Pick up/ Drop off May 18-May 22


    • Over the next few weeks, staff will pull out stuff in lockers and put in individual bags with the students’ name on it. We will put them by homeroom in the cafeteria.
    • Parents will sign up on the Sign Up Genius link for a time of their choice on the day relative to their child’s grade level. Here is what will be on the Sign Up Genius:

  • You will find a visual for the event below, it looks like the normal car rider line.
  • First station, tell us name of student and homeroom (If you want to speed this up you can write this info on a piece of paper and put in your windshield.) We will walkie the folks inside to get the locker stuff as you move to the next station.
  • Station 2 Library book return. Mrs. Carlton has sent emails out to folks who owe library books so you are prepared.
  • Station 3 Laptop return: Below are pictures and an explanation of how we would like them returned. (This will help us a ton) If students are worried about losing info on laptop, tell them to save everything to their OneDrive.
  • Station 4 Yearbooks. To pick up purchased yearbook, library books and laptops have to have been returned.
  • Station 5 Get your locker bag and roll on!
  • If ever questions, just email us! Thank you for being awesome. Love, Dr. Fowler & Ms. Bates

Specific Laptop Information and Pictures for guidance

All seventh and eighth grade students who have been issued a laptop from the county will need to turn it in to HMS during the designated drop off time. The tech department will be updating these laptops over the summer. For eighth grade laptops, please put the student's last name first and then first name written on a piece of masking tape and placed on the BOTTOM left corner of the front of the case. Some students still have this tape on their case from last year.

For seventh grade students, please put your last name first and then first name written on a piece of masking tape placed in the TOP left hand corner with the pocket of the laptop facing up.

The expectation is to have each student turn in the laptop, case, and power cord that were originally issued at the beginning of the year. If the power cord or case is missing, the county will not be able to issue a new one at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you for helping us make this collection process so much easier! If you have an additional questions, my email address is

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A message from Nurse Ealy to current 6th graders

The TDaP vaccine is a requirement for 7th grade.

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDOH) requirement for 7th grade attendance is to show ONE OFFICIAL TDOH Certification of Immunization that must be completed by a medical provider showing proof of all vaccines, including TDaP.

I am making you aware early to allow plenty of time to get current immunization records to the school. Your doctor can fax a copy to 615-952-4723.

Feel free to contact Nurse Casey Ealy with any questions.

Nutrition- lunch money options

Below are the options for money remaining in children’s nutrition accounts:

1. Request via email to that the funds be transferred to a Pay It Forward account where they will be utilized to pay the debt of children in need.

2. Leave the money in their nutrition accounts (the funds will remain with the children as they advance through the school system and can be utilized in future years).

3. Request via email to that the funds be transferred to another child’s account. In the email they need to list the child whose account the money is going out of, how much they wish to have transferred, and the name of the child whose account they want the money to go into.

4. Obtain a refund from the nutrition department for the remaining funds. Form here:

You can pay for lunch charges on Revtrack or mail your check to Cheatham Co. Board of Education 102 Elizabeth St # A, Ashland City, TN 37015

Stay in Touch!

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FAX #: 615.952.4723

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Motto & Mission of HMS for our teachers and students:   

Encourage, Inspire, and Uplift our students and faculty professionally, academically, and personally. We are Harpeth Middle Champions. We know what we stand for. We will never give up.