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We. Miss. You.

Dear Parents & Students, what a week! We are so proud to be in this HMS Family. Our parents and students have kept the learning going, took nature hikes, did puzzles, completed fun challenges, & read a whole lot! We could not be prouder! If you are stressed, email us. We will clarify ANYTHING. #inyourcorner

Dr. Fowler and Ms. Bates

Our Social Media to stay updated daily

Instagram: harpethmiddleschool @harpethmiddleschool

Facebook: Harpeth Middle School @HMSINDIANS

Twitter: Harpeth Middle @HMSIndians

Just a reminder of where to access assignments:

Also, you can return completed paper packets in the grade level boxes out in front of HMS. We will check them on Sunday to gather returned completed work.
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Communication & availability

On this page Extended Break Resources, there are emails, flipgrids, google numbers, remind app, options to use to communicate. Our teachers will be available Monday-Friday 8-12 by which ever communication platform they have expressed on the website. They will also send out a message EVERYDAY to communicate their availability. Please help us ensure our students are getting some means of learning over this break. We're all in this together.

There are bins outside of our school for folks that were absent on Friday. 7th & 8th grade is online.

5th grade info!

5th grade is sending home emails through Skyward daily but they also have a Flipgrid account now. You can ask any teacher a question about any subject and get a mini lesson video!

Flipgrid code: dennison9974 and password: HMS5th2020

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6th grade info

6th grade has a Remind app and uses Skyward to send messages. They also now have a Flipgrid for students and parents to ask questions and mini lessons can be taught!

Code: Afafc23b Password: wonderwoman1

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Love computer programming? Computer Science? Interested? Now is your time!

If your student(s) has completed most assignments and they are looking for something to do... or needs a brain break...

Mr. Parks can set them up with a account for free and create a simple and fun curriculum for them to learn and explore the fundamentals of Computer Science. No matter if your student has already been in my class this year or they are in the band. This is open to all students at HMS students. Please reach out to Mr. Parks anytime

Also for those students VERY motivated and interested in Computer Science, there is another online resource They are offering a limited number of scholarships (10,000) for students stuck at home (a $240 value). You must use your school email to sign up. Please reach out to Mr. Parks if you have any questions


Dave Parks

7th grade info

7th grade is utilizing Teams, Skyward, and Zoom to communicate with students. Below is Mrs. Buchanan's math chats on Zoom. She will send a link to join.
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Don't you miss, Mrs. Austin????? No problem, she has some tasks for you to chill yourself out and get creative! See the pictures of cool things to do. They will also be posted on our HMS Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

8th grade info

8th grade is using Skyward, Zoom, and Flipgrid to stay in touch! See below for Mrs. Mueller's information on her first Zoom. Also, see the Flipgrid info:

Code:hms8th Password: HMS8th2020

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Mueller Check in on Zoom! For March 24, Tuesday

Zoom meeting invitation - Mueller Checkin 3.24

Allison Mueller is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Mueller Checkin 3.24
Time: Mar 24, 2020 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 449 990 108


Band has a cool Instagram page now! Mr. Vaughn poses challenges, too! There have been a ton of students practicing instruments in VERY interesting places, lol!!!

Instagram: harpethmsband1

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Mrs. Julia's class is up for the challenge!

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Music with Mrs. Greece!

Students can send me videos of themselves singing the songs. It is not a requirement, but

just a fun way for me to keep in touch with them. I would love if students would look up the songs on YouTube with the lyrics and listen for timing, entrance cues, etc. That way, when we return, we can hopefully put the songs together rather quickly. I know that the YouTube/original versions of the songs will not have the harmonies I wrote in (which will mess them up a little bit), but it can at least get them used to the other verse's lyrics and instrumental breaks. All songs are in the same key as the original recordings (I believe), except for "Africa" which we sing a half step higher than the original key. The songs are below all information.

I am proud to be their teacher. As always, please email or call me with any questions. No need to only be between 8-12. I am always here for both you and the students. (724) 422-6970. Please leave a text or voicemail to receive a callback. Please share this email with your children to keep them up to date. Once again, I miss seeing your children and cannot wait to get back to work with them.

  1. "Africa" by Toto (key of Bb)
  2. "Lovesong" by The Cure (key of Am)
  3. "This Year's Love" by David Gray (key of Ab - guitar could capo on fret 1 and play in C)
  4. "The One I Love" by R.E.M. (key of Em)
  5. "Shiny Happy People" by R.E.M. (key of G)
  6. "If You Could Only See" by Tonic (key of Bbm - guitar could capo on fret 1 and play in Am)
  7. "No Excuses" by Alice In Chains (key of Eb, guitar could down-tune a 1/2 step and play in E, piano would have to transpose down a half step or modulate on a keyboard if equipped)
  8. "Everlong" by The Foo Fighters (key of D)
  9. "Annie's Song" by John Denver (key of D)

Week 1 Challenges rocked!

Thank you to all who participated. Your name did go into a drawing and some folks won the challenge itself. Sonic gift cards are being mailed out this weekend to the following:

Push ups/sit ups: 1.Scarlett Pajer 2. Khloe Neeley

Lunch: Boo Moberly

Names drawn out: James Cathey, Cheyenne Carter, Candace Rager, Chevelle Rager, Josh Mealio, Lilly Patterson, Ava Green, Kendall Threet, J.P. Lane, Kaylin England, Hannah Dodson, Peyton Harris (The more challenges you play, the more times your name goes in!)

Teachers are reading, too!

It has been nice for our own educators to breathe for a minute and dive into a good book! Here at HMS, our educators have a life long learner attitude and are always looking to grow.
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This Week! Picture contests as well as any completed assignments will get your name in a drawing for prizes!

  • MONDAY (23): Complete assignments given by teachers. Interview a family member- Ask 5 questions about some of their favorite things in life. Email responses to Take pictures of the MATH you are working on-paper or computer- and send to
  • TUESDAY (24): Complete assignments given by teachers. Build a fort outside or inside your house with blanket & read inside. Send pics to Take pictures of the MATH you are working on-paper or computer- and send to
  • WEDNESDAY (25): Complete assignments given by teachers. Make a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting school work at home v. school work at HMS.Take pictures of the MATH you are working on-paper or computer- and send to
  • THURSDAY (26): Complete assignments given by teachers. Find a funny joke (school appropriate and send to .Take pictures of the MATH you are working on-paper or computer- and send to
  • FRIDAY (27): Complete assignments given by teachers. Build and test a device that warns you when someone opens a kitchen cabinet or door. Send picture or video to Take pictures of the MATH you are working on-paper or computer- and send to

Quizziz Everywhere! So much fun!

Teachers throughout the building are utilizing this fun review tool, but now we are branching out for ALL to play! Today was Math! Congrats to the top 5: Ms. Dennison (our Academic Specialist), Mrs. Burton (8th grade Math/Int. Math), Mrs. Howell (7th grade Math/Sci), Everett Morrison (8th grade student), and Scarlet Pajer (7th grade student)! Sonic gift cards are getting mailed this weekend!

Next week stay tuned for:

Monday: 10am ELA School wide & friends Quizziz

Wed: 10am Social Studies school wide & friends Quizziz

Thurs: Science school wide & friends Quizziz

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Food Pantry

Please let us know if you and your family need assistance. We are here to help. Please note the days the food pantries are open to help and give free food to our Cheatham County families.
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March Thornton's Teachers of the Month!

Coach Devin Allen and Counselor Brittain West! We appreciate everything that they do for us inside and outside of school. They go above and beyond for our HMS students and faculty. Thank you for being HMS Champion Teachers!!
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March Petro Parent of the Month!

Mr. Larry Thom Turner is super helpful to HMS in many ways. He is an awesome dad, bus driver, and a neighbor to our school who is always willing to do extra for us. We appreciate his dedication to our school and community! Thank you for being an HMS Champion parent!
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Use Revtrack to get caught up on lunch charges

The best place to pay for EVERYTHING! It's online and you can use your card.

Emails are sent to parents when students have charges of $10 or more. An alternate lunch will be provided for students with charge amounts over $10 to prevent excessive charge amounts. We want all of our students to eat. Don't forget that if your student receives free lunch then they also receive free breakfast.

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Congrats to 7th grader Boo Moberly and 5th grader Paizli Moore for being two incredible students at HMS! Their teachers and peers love being around their fun personalities and appreciate their caring attitudes. Thank you for being awesome!

Upcoming Dates! (some have been postponed)

School Calendar 2019-2020

March 20-Report Card Day (See Skyward- teachers are putting in all assignments they have for Q3 but we know students will turn in more upon arrival back to school)

March 23- 6th-8th grade Related Arts rotation 5 begins (postpone a day or 2 to wrap up unfinished rotation)

March 23- Evening Talent Show! 6:30pm (postponed)

March 24- HMS/HHS Music in our School, Concert 6:30pm (postponed)

March 26- CTE Showcase, 8th grade goes to HHS & Freshman orientation that night at 6pm (postponed)

March 27- Talent Show during the school day! (postponed)

March 30- April 3-Spring Break, No school

April 6-9- cheer clinics and tryouts

April 10- Good Friday, No school

April 13-5th grade Related Arts rotation 6 begins

April 13-24- TCAP testing window

April 24-Progress Reports

April 27-30- 8th graders scheduling high school classes (more info to come)

April 27- Chorus concert 6pm

April 30- Band spring concert

May 1- Special Olympics at HMS

May 1-Youth in Government Conference in Nashville

May 4- Singing in the Rain play at HHS

May 5- 6th grade Field trip to Discovery Park

May 6- HHS band comes to HMS to perform

May 7- 5th grade field trip to Montgomery Bell & Drug Free Presentation to 6-8 grade

May 8- Possible cell phone presentation and chorus/band trip to PES and KSES

May 4-8- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 12- Olympic Day: HHS National Honor Society hosts at HMS

May 14- Graduation Walk (HHS grade come &walk the building)

May 14-Upcoming 5th graders celebration 6-7:30pm

May 15- 8th grade Formal- 6-9pm, certain criteria to attend, $10 pay Mrs. Carlton

May 20, Wed.-8th grade graduation 8:30am/ 6th grade Awards 10am, 5th grade Awards 12:15/ 7th grade awards 1:30pm

May 21- No school, staff only

May 22- Report card pick up


We have a request for the sake of consistency that our students and parents would use the school phone for communication during the day instead of texting. We understand that emergencies arise during the day, but students are supposed to have their phones off unless the teacher gives them permission. We want to keep the communication open, we just ask that we all stay on the same page with using the school phone. Thank you.
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Appropriate attire-

If leggings are worn, please make sure the shirt covers the students' backside.

If jeans have holes in them please make sure they are below the mid thigh area.

Please make sure your student is in the boundaries of the dress code before they leave the house. We appreciate your efforts in helping our students look appropriate, comfortable, and ready for school.

Stay in Touch!

Stay in touch on Instragram: @harpethmiddleschool

Twitter: @HMSIndians

Facebook: HMSIndians

FAX #: 615.952.4723

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Motto & Mission of HMS for our teachers and students:   

Encourage, Inspire, and Uplift our students and faculty professionally, academically, and personally. We are Harpeth Middle Champions. We know what we stand for. We will never give up.