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HMS students, teachers, and parents are awesome!

Hello HMS Families, we hope you are well! We are finished with testing! It's time for STEAM WEEK!!

Dr. Fowler and Ms. Miller

It is STEAM WEEK!! Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math!

This week will feature a number of amazing STEAM activities across the curriculum!

STEAM activities provide hands-on experiences for students to create projects that hinge on areas such as science, technology, engineering, art or math. This week, fifth graders will be creating Greek Catapults and the Earthquake Shake. On Tuesday, sixth graders will be exploring electricity and will be building Paper Circuits. On Wednesday, seventh graders will be making Baking Soda Rockets and discover How Viruses React to Soap. Eighth graders will be focusing on projects focusing on Forces and Interactions which will include building Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers and Trebuchets. Mrs. Carlton's RTI class will be making things with 3D pens.

Stay tuned for pictures of these awesome activities in next week's newsletter!

Thank you PARENT POSSE for helping us celebrate our Teachers, Teachers Assistants, & Staff in Appreciation Week!

We have winning authors at HMS!!!!

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8th graders! A few reminders for this week!

*If you can donate waters/Gatorades/can drinks for all upcoming 8th grade events that would be awesome!

*If you would like to submit photos for the 8th grade slideshow, please email them to by May 13th

Each 8th grader can submit 3 photos. If you submit more than that, the first 3 will be chosen. Thanks!

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Lunch Menu

This Week's Events! STEAM WEEK! BE HERE!

Monday (10): 5th grade STEAM activities!

Tuesday (11): 6th grade STEAM activities!/ 5th grade Park Day!

Wednesday (12): 7th grade STEAM activities!

Thursday (13): 8th grade STEAM activities! / Last Day of RTI

Friday (14): 4th grade tours/ HHS Graduation Walk outside! / All library books are due!

Bus- bar codes- GREAT JOB! KEEP IT UP!

Per the Board of Education, on Monday, April 19th, students were not be allowed to ride the bus home if they did not have their badge. Every day we are still reminding students to have their badges. Please remind them at home as well. We all want to support this new system that keeps our kids safe and accounted for. Thanks!

Mr. Vaughn's Band Newsletter

Summer Academy!

Please make sure your child's permission form has been turned in this week as we are planning for the summer. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. If you have not been contacted but feel your child needs this opportunity, please email Thanks!

Postal Food Drive Update(another one! ha!)

The postal food drive has been postponed until fall, but the Ark will still host a food drive. The food drive that was scheduled for May 8 at the Ark has now been rescheduled for July 3rd at the Pegram's Independence Day Celebration.

Thank you so much for your help,

Jennifer Roberts, Ark Board Member

The Harpeth Herald Newspaper! APRIL EDITION!

Shout out to Mrs. Pyrdum's Journalism RTI for creating our newspaper! Check it out!

20-21 Calendar *MORE NEW THINGS ADDED!

May 10-14 STEAM week at HMS! Using our Step It Up fundraising materials & more!

May 11- 5th grade Park Day

May 13- Last day of RTI

May 14- 4th grade tour and Graduation Walk at HMS!

May 14- All library books are due

May 17- HMS Field Day & Ice cream buffet for Perfect TCAP attendance kiddos!

May 18- Band/Chorus performance outside! 6pm

May 19- 7th grade Park Day

May 20- All 7th & 8th grade laptops (chargers & cases) are due

May 21-8th grade tour at HHS during the day/ All 5th & 6th grade laptops (chargers & cases) due

May 21- 6th grade Park Day

May 21- 8th grade Formal 6pm-9pm

May 25am- 5th-7th Awards Programs during the day (No parents in the building, but will be streamed- more info to come)

May 25pm- 8th grade graduation in the evening- 6pm


May 27-Admin. Day- No students

May 28- Only teachers report to school. REPORT CARDS WILL GO HOME ON MAY 26.

*Summer Academy: June 7- July 2

Information that stays in the newsletter:

Call for help!

See numbers below for Coach Katie, Counselors, and Ms. Dennison. Also, if you need Ms. Christy Barton 615.375.4587 or Mrs. Dale Gusty 615.378.7035, please reach out!

Go Fan- to buy tickets for sports events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cheatham County School District has paperless tickets, a quicker way to enter middle and high school games this season. Fans must purchase tickets online by using GoFan. Harpeth Middle School:

Below is the Classlink page that takes you to Schoology.

REVTRAK: a place to pay for anything school related

Here is a link to the HMS Revtrak that is found on the BOE website's quick links page. You can pay for just about anything here.
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Laptop information

5th and 6th grade Virtual learners: please email to set up a date and time to get your student's laptop.
5th and 6th graders still needing to get their laptops, please fill out the computer agreement and we suggest you paying the $30 for insurance in case your student damages the computer.

Please watch this video from Will Lockert about the laptops. Here is the link to the agreement form, Will Lockert’s video about laptops, & more.

Reminder to all students now: charge laptops at night and shut them down so they don’t update during school.

HMS stance on grading and feedback:

*Note: Skyward and Schoology are still syncing so for now, you could see a difference in grades on each.

Friday's first Progress Report could look a little different. Many teachers have not recorded grades or very few, for the simple fact of teaching students to log in, use the platform, and reviewing content from last year. However, they have been giving feedback which is vital and often more beneficial than an actual "number grade" because this guides students to understand what they are learning or not.

This is the perfect time to shift our numerical grade focused culture (which sends students into anxiety stricken panic attacks at times) into one that is more determined for students to LEARN the content. A numerical grade should reflect this learning and help students realize where they are with learning the standards, but often it deters them from trying to learn the content because so much pressure is riding on what grade they received.

However, please note, in the process of learning, there is a struggle and students make mistakes. They won't always master the standard immediately. This is okay! Mistakes are literal proof that a child is learning. This is why teachers reteach and retest. Did you know that when direct feedback is given to a student versus a 65 (or any number) on their paper, research shows that students (adults included) are more motivated to go back, correct, and learn the concept? Not only that, the students RETAIN the information.

All of that to say, this progress report could have numerical grades but could also have written feedback on where your student is for right now in their learning. Class assignments this entire school year could have more feedback and less numerical grades as well. As a parent, you will know more about where your child is in their learning. We ask that you help us in this shift and when you talk with your students about school, ask "what are you learning?" instead of "what are your grades?" Somehow, we have a huge disconnect in our culture, not just here at HMS, that many students just want a grade, rather than to learn something. This will not serve our students well going forward, nor will it help our society.

Here at HMS, a numerical grade should represent the level of learning; it's for communication.

If all of this is clear as mud, just let me know and we will talk :)

Dr. Fowler

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