Bastard Out of Carolina

Dorothy Allison


In the story, the setting takes place in the south. Though out the whole story there were signs that the story took place in the south. One of the signs is the way they talk. They say words that are commonly used in the south. "An't enough money in it even for children, even if you eat as many as you can" (78). "An't" is a commonly used word in the south, showing its from the south. Another way you can tell its from the south is the title. The title say Bastard out of Carolina. Carolina is in the south so therefore it takes place in the south.
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The conflict of the story is Internal Conflict and External Conflict. It would be known as Man v Self and Man v Man. The conflict is whether stealing is good or bad. This story is confusing because it's both. The mom is an influence on not stealing and at the same time the daughter is reckoning on whether stealing is bad and if its good. The conflict is between Protagonist and herself and Protagonist and her mother.


The theme of this story is that family is always there no matter what. Although the mother found out about how her daughter stole form the store, she stood by her. She helped her get out of trouble. She had her return the candy because she wanted the best for her. She wanted her daughter not to be bad when she got older.

Plot Line

Exposition: The mother gives a lecture on how never to let her catch her stealing

Rising Action: She steals candy from the local store

Climax: The Protagonist is caught after trying to eat the candy she steals. The mother was not happy.

Falling Action: Her mother tells the story about Tommy Lee

Resolution: She returns the candy with her mother.

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Figurative Language

Through the story Figurative Language is used to describe something. The most powerful Figurative Language used in this story is Similes. Similes are used by the author to describe a certain thing more in depth. "The lines in her face looked as deep as the rivers the flowed south toward Charleston" (76). This an example of a simile in the text. It is describing the anger shown on her face in a deeper way then just say her face showed anger.