Using Online Images

Fair Use and Copyright

Copyright Basics: Crash Course Intellectual Property 2

What should you consider when you are using online images?

Almost all the pictures you find online have copyright, but most of the people have no idea! People are really protective when they find out you are using their images without their permission, sometimes those people who use other people's images without permission might face some sort of penalty for using other people's images.

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So... What exactly is Copyright?

Copyright is a federal law of the United States that protects original works of authorship.

People might think that Copyright means giving power to the author or creator the right to deny their work to other people, but that's not true! Copyright is meant to encourage its creation and protect the author or creator's work. Copyright is attaches as soon as the original work is created and it doesn't require the author or creator to file special paperwork.

Is Attribution and copyright related?

What does Attribution mean?

A rule in tax law that in certain cases deems property owned by one person or business entity to be owned by another or others.

Attribution just means letting everyone know where a piece of knowledge, even as small as a "least publishable unit" is form; Copyright is simply a matter of permission for using the images.

Does that mean that I have to ask the owner of the image everytime if I want to use their image?

Not at all, there's something called the "Fair Use"

Fair use is a legal exception to the exclusive rights an owner has for his or her copyrighted work.

Fair use can allow copyrighted works to be used without permission for the benefit of the public, but that doesn't mean people can abuse copyright by using fair use. Fair use doesn't mean it's going to be fair, it just mean that we are allow for uses that will benefit society and the public good.

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Humm.... so What am I allow to do with my copyrighted images?

Copyright allow the author or creator to authorize number of things and exercise substantial control over his/her creation, which is called Exclusive Rights.

Here is a list of what exclusive right allow the author/ creator to do:

  • Reproduce the copyrighted work
  • Display the copyrighted work publicly
  • prepare derivative works based on the copyrighted work
  • Distribute copies of the copyrighted work to the public by sale, rental or lending, and display the image.

I heard something about Creative Commons License, but I don't know what it is :(

Creative commons helps you legally share your knowledge, accessible, images and innovative world. Unlocking the full potential of the internet to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity.
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Public Domain Is the Bomb !

Public Domain refers to creative materials that are not protected by intellectual property laws such as copyright. the public owns the work, not an individual author or artist. Everyone can sue a public domain work without obtaining permission, but nobody can own it. For example, most of the centuries-old works are in the public domain are not protected by copyright so they are all public domain because they are published before 1977 and the authors of those book are long dead.

are you a good Digital Citizen?

First of all, let's define the term Digital Citizenship, it means the quality of an individual's response to membership in a digital community, so what does that actually mean? basically digital citizenship is the quality of habits, actions, and consumption patterns that impact the ecology of digital content and communities.

Now a days most of the people use technology to gather information and do research, and those information online doesn't belong to us, so we need to respect the author if we need a piece of information from him/her, we need to give the author credit for using their work to show respect, that's what digital citizens should do!

So where can I find pictures that are free of copyrights?

There's a lot of website out there that have copyright free images, and attribution is are required! You can copy, modify, distribute and use the images for commercial purposes without asking for permission or giving credits to the owner of the image. Here are some suggestions of website that are free of copyright:

Pixbay -


Or you can just google them by typing in " Copyright Free Images"

How do I know if the images I found is copyrighted?

First of all, you need to know the copyright Icon which is this:
You can even go online and research the images to determine if the image you want to use is copyrighted. Google images allow you to search where the images came from, what size the images is and it tell you if the image is copyrighted.

If you want to search a image now, click HERE

If you still don't know if the images is copyrighted or not, find another one. Instead of wasting time trying to know if the image is copyrighted, trying to find another image that is similar to the one you want, there's millions and billions of images online, I'm sure you can find the right picture without copyright for yourself!