Mrs. Lorek's Class 4th Grade

Metacgognition in control! Knowing what we know!

Week of November 9th 2015

It has been a busy week! So many wonderful things to celebrate!!! We have AR levels going up...Math levels going up... great journal entries in our math journals...nice words and collaboration going on...I just couldn’t be happier! The self-motivation in the classroom is amazing!

What was taught!

We are working on Achieve 3000. We are reading articles that teach us how to infer and understand different text features. This program is a wonderful reading program that helps students read and interpret non-fiction text. The students enjoy reading the articles and we have great discussion from reading them! We are also working on Inferences in our reading groups. Each group is flying through their books! The kids really seem to enjoy our discussions and love the different Genres. They are telling me what they want to read next! In math we continue to work on double digit multiplication and division! The multi-step problem solving has been fun in the classroom! The discussion about how to solve the problems is great! We are also starting to talk about the first people in Ohio!

Upcoming Skills

We will start Opinion Writing in Writer’s Workshop this week...finish up our books in reading group...continue to work on Inferencing...continue bar modeling problem solving in math!

How you can help at home!

Please continue to have your child read every night for 20 minutes and work on any of the math programs that we work on in class! ZEAL has real live tutors that will work with your child until 8:00 PM. They will come on if your child is showing an area of need. We are also on Moby Max and a new program called Front Row!


We are almost at another marble party!!!!! And… our class won a PJ party through PTA. We won because of the great attendance at the Fund-Raiser Skating party! I am just so proud of all of our accomplishments!