Monday Morning Message

Glen Burnie High School Social Studies Department, Feb. 1

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Start of Semester 2

Good Morning,

I hope everyone enjoyed their "snowcation!" It seems that a very busy time of year has been made busier due to the delay of the second semester. I applaud you for your flexibility and professionalism as we continue to close out Semester 1 and begin Semester 2. Please continue to follow the information in the Mid-Year Packet as we move through this week.

Also note, that in lieu of the Faculty Meeting tomorrow, we will be holding a Department meeting in the SS office. See you then!


Great work last week by all with your content teams to start planning how we can best educate our students! The conversations were constructive and collaborative. Thank you for your diligence.

Upcoming Dates

January 19-22: Semester Exams Week.

January 25: Schools Closed

January 26: No students, Teacher Work Day

February 1: Third Marking period begins

February 3: Grades due!

February 9: AVID Site Team Visit

February 10: 2 Hour Early Dismissal, Professional Development

February 15: No School, President's Day

February 22: Parent Teacher Conferences

Things to Know

1. January's Instructional Focus is Diverse Learners and Differentiated Instruction.

2. SLO #2 pre-tests and data are due to Mr. Nilsson by Tuesday, February 16. More information will be provided at the Department meeting tomorrow.

3. AVID Applications are available in electronic form for 9th and 10th grade teachers who see potential AVID students in their classes. See your Mr. Nilsson or Jen Ballard.

4. Grading of Final Exams: Students that fail to show for an exam – receive a zero (0) in the gradebook, call home to parent, and email Ms. Berner. If the student makes a good faith effort on the exam, the lowest possible score will be 50% per the grading policy.

5. Scheduling for students will occur from February 10-March 4; Media Center through English.

Question for the Week

Be prepared to answer the following question at tomorrow's Department Meeting:

After grading your final exams, how well do you think your students have improved from the Q1 exam? What helped? What can we do to keep moving forward?