Kearstin Caster

Everything happens for a reason

Describe something you did yesterday...

Yesterday, i went and Hung out with my cousins,we went shopping at concord mills, when we got back to their house we turned on netfliex and started watching movie, a few hours later went out to eat at east coast wings
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Something you dislike..

something i dislike, people tapping on things repeatedly like a pencil on a desk, also i don't like how i walk kinda fast and people I'm walking behind are walking really slow, and when people think their better than others, and i can't stand when people smack their food
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Something you love to watch/ listen to...

something i like to watch is a lot of scary movies. i listen to all type of music unless its like rock or something
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Something you do well...

something i can do well, people say I'm good at making them laugh, i can keep a conversation depending on the person
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Something you can't live without..

something i can't live without is my phone, I'm on it pretty much all day unless i get it taken away, another thing i can't live without is my friends/ family, and music
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Something about your childhood...

something about my childhood, me and my brother(s) would always go outside climb trees and throw ball, i liked be around family and and play with my dog, i also stepped on a nail when i was 7 in my backyard and had to go to the hospital
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Something you learned last week...

Learned to study and be more prepared for the exams