Age of Exploration: Current Events

Authors: Lindsay, Lauren, Lilly, and Sara

Interview with Cabasa Mendosa, Local Filipino; By: Lindsay Berube

Reporter: Good morning, Cabasa, and thank you for your time and presence. You live during a time where many explorations regarding new lands are being made and have even come into contact with ethnicities you have never imagined.

Cabasa: It is not a problem, and yes, I have experienced a lot during my time thus far. It has left many emotional scars on me but has made me aware of what the rest of the world is like.

Reporter: Who discovered your land and when did it happen? I know it was a European.

Cabasa: Ferdinand Magellan, a Spanish explorer, discovered my homeland. He did this in 1521 and Spain soon used my country's resources for profit through trading.

Reporter: I know that your country obviously was not fond of this. What did you do in order to try to prevent the colonization?

Cabasa: We did what all regular people would do. We rebelled. They disrupted the peace and ruined what we had. We had nice relationships with the Chinese, who was one our biggest traders, and the Spanish banned the trade because they got into disputes.

Reporter: That's horrible. In these tough times, wealth and power make countries like these ruthless. Did these explorers benefit you or your country in any way, despite how awful they were?

Cabasa: Well, I guess you could say that. In 1571, Lopez de Legapsi established the capital city of Manila and gained control of the area. Of course, we didn't like that because we were all peaceful, but they kept the Portuguese out of our lands.

Reporter: Thank you for answering these questions for me. It was a great help for the readers, as well as myself, to get a better understanding of the effects of the Spanish powers.

Cabasa: That is no problem. Thank you for having me.

Puzzle of the Week; By: Lauren Rego

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Travel and Technology

Travel; By: Sara Sturtevant

In recent travels, a man known as Vasco de Gama has helped Portugal claim new territory at key ports in Asia, surrounding the Indian Ocean. Many benefits come from this new territory: however, the main reason is that various spices are now acquired. Through trading, buying, and selling, the Portuguese have brought news spics to our land. With the new products, you can do wonderful things to your food, such as adding flavor todishes or` preserving them. I think that we can all agree that the newly acquired spices are a big benefit to us. We can only thank God for the new territory in Asia. He is giving us the chance to pursue trade in lands more efficiently now. God allowed the Portuguese to claim the various ports around the Indian Ocean so we could have new passage ways for us to expand our trade further and we shan't take it for granted!

Technology; By Sara Sturtevant

This year, there has been a very important navigational tool in use. It has helped many explorers navigate during their journeys around he world and discover new places, such as the Spice Lands. The name of the people who know how to us this navigational tool are called cartographers. Cartographers use the system of cartography to make maps for various explorers whom are going on expeditions to foreign lands. Everyone must have heard of that Italian fellow named Christopher Columbus, who recently discovered the Americas. Guess what? He used cartography to help his expedition too, except, like the rest of us, he didn't know that he would bump into land unheard of. Now, explorers use cartography as a key element to them surviving in foreign lands, so they won't go anywhere they don't need to be. The largest navigational tool used this year is cartography and it is sure to benefit people in the future.

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Business and International News

Business; By: Lindsay Berube

In this day and age, trading slaves have been at an all time high for merchants and other traders. There are many things happening in regards to slave trade over this past month. Now, slaves are being traded in Africa, as well as being taken from the African coasts. In previous years, slaves were used to work on plantations; however, the fad of owning expensive slaves is on the rise. People are relying on African rulers to sell their war captives to our European countries. The triangular trade system has been very helpful and the Middle Passage is what has made this business even more popular. Europeans are now investing in slave trade, despite what Afonso I, the ruler of Congo, has to say about the matter. Many traders and merchants have been making large sums of money due to trading the slaves in exchange for goods such as guns, molasses, cloth, and sugar. If you are a trader, this may be a new field to consider.

International News; By: Lilly Syron

Just a few months after Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella urged Pope Alexander VI to aid in their claim to the New World. Since he is Spanish-born, the pope has jut agreed to the creation of the Line of Demarcation. This "line" divides the non-European world into two areas. Trading and exploration rights are held in any lands west of the line by Spain. Portugal has the same rights for any lands east of the line. Due to the bias of the pope, Portugal received much less land area than Spain. So, King John II recently negotiated with Kind Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to give more land to Portugal. As a result, the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed. The new line now provides Portugal with more South American land and direct authority over most of the Indian Ocean.

Obituaries; Written by: Lauren Rego

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