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Spring Break

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Protests in Ferguson, Missouri grow day by day

Fear in Ferguson

During spring break, me and my friends took a car ride through Ferguson, Missouri to see what was really happening. As we strolled through, we got stopped by protesters walking in the middle of the street. They refused to get out of the way so we quickly turned around and headed back to the city. After we left we turned on the radio and two police officers got shot by violent protesters.

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Written by: Matthew Tompkins

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Ashley Smith singing infront of local Kroger

Local Women shares talent

As I was walking into Kroger in Bedford, Texas, A women was singing in the front entrance in honor of her mother dying from cancer. She was raising money to find a cure. The amount of lives she touched is much larger than any debt.

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Written by: Matthew Tompkins

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Local top golf attracts mutliple families and kids

Top Golf

My family and I went to family friendly Top Golf last sunday in The Colony, Texas to celebrate my sisters birthday. Top Golf is pretty much an elevated driving range that is very technologically advanced with great food and service. There are microchips in the golf balls which locate which target you hit.

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Written by: Matthew Tompkins