All about guinea pigs

BY Aubrey Lewis

Do you have a guinea pig? If you do, do you want to learn about them? Then you came to the right place. And if you have one and you don’t know much about them you will learn more about them here. You’ll learn about their care, what they eat, and their habitat.


When caring for your guinea pig you should clean out their cage once every two weeks. Make sure you check to see if they have enough food and water every day. You should get your guinea pig out every so often and play with them. They should have at least one little house in their cage and one water jug in there too.


Guinea pigs really enjoy eating corn. They also like eating Sunflower seeds, hay and strawberries. They also enjoy licking a salt block. Guinea pigs need vitamin C and they don’t eat meat.


They need bedding to sleep on and to keep warm. They need a big cage to move around in and to play in. They need sunlight and fresh air every now and then too. Some people's guinea pigs like a clean home.

Fun Facts

  • Guinea pigs sometimes jump in the air when they are excited.
  • Guinea pigs sometimes squeak like mice.
  • If you get your guinea pig mad it will chatter its teeth.

Vocabulary Word and Definition

  • Squeal
means something is squeaking.

  • bedding
bedding it means soft stuff you put down on the bottom of the cage.

  • vitamin C
It is something we eat. For example some orange juice has vitamin C.


If you have a guinea pig and you take good care of it then you’ll find out that they are nice pets to have. In this book you learned about a guinea pigs care,food and habitat.

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