A guide for teens

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling that's created when someone reacts to particular events. There are two types of stress. Good stress occurs when some pressure is on but there is no danger, such as when a student is presenting someone to the class or taking a final exam. This stressor (something that causes stress) is good for overall health. Good stress results in a positive outcome. Bad stress occurs when someone is overloaded with stress. An example of bad stress is coping with the loss of a loved one. Bad stress can be detrimental to overall health, and it results in a negative outcome. Everyone from young children to elderly people goes through stress. However, some people know how to manage it better than others. Read on to find out more about stress!

What are some causes and effects of stress?

Some causes of stress are:

  • deadlines
  • doing things that are bad for your body
  • expecting too much out of yourself
  • upcoming tests or projects
  • illness
  • money
  • politics

Some effects or signs of stress are:

  • headaches
  • muscle tension or pain
  • fatigue
  • upset stomach
  • sleep problems
  • anxiety
  • lack of motivation or focus

How are health and stress related?

When a person is stressed for too long, they can experience symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches. Stress is also harmful for the body if people turn to alcohol or drugs to relieve their stress. Stressing also stresses the people around you, whether the people are your friends, your family, or people you don't even know. Therefore, it is best to keep bad stress at a minimum and to manage it in a good way.

How do you deal with stress?

There are many relaxation techniques one can use to deal with stress. Some techniques that are helpful are yoga, imagery, and meditation. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and getting enough sleep are very good techniques to help someone reduce stress. Friends and family can help someone relieve stress by being good listeners and giving advice. No matter what technique you use, getting your mind off of the stressful situation is very helpful. The best way to find out what technique works for you is by trying them all!