Liberty Party of Canada

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National Defense

Our party is committed to the safety of Canadians. Therefore, in the wake of recent attacks around the world and the recent threats made against our nation, our party plans to increase the police presence in densely populated areas. There will be a higher police presence in cities, Shopping malls and schools. This is done to ensure the safety of our citizens from terrorists and criminals. LPC's number one priority is the safety and well being of Canadians.

International Relations

LPC plans to continue our strong relation with foreign nations. We plan to increase our nations export while maintaining our imports. We also plan to open up with more countries as trade partners. This will strengthen our economy and help us balance the budget. Our party would like to continue our long and strong relationship with nations like the United States and the Commonwealth nations. LPC will continue to work closely with foreign nations and continue to be a major international contributor.

Criminal Law

LPC would like to make changes to the laws and the punishment for breaking them. We plan to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes for those aged 21 or above. Though the use of marijuana will not be allowed in public places. By legalizing marijuana we plan to collect tax on it. The government of Canada makes a large sum of money off tobacco tax and we would like to collect the same amount on marijuana. Other changes we would like to make is distracted driving. If caught offending this rule you will be fined $1000 a second time offense will result in another charge and a 4 month suspension of your licence and a retake of the driving test. A third time will result in losing the privilege to drive in Canada. This is done to make Canadian roads safer since distracted driving is the result of millions of crashes per year. If elected our party will alter laws in favour of Canadians.


Our party is committed to making Canadians lives easier. That's why the LPC plans to reduce income tax by 5% to benefit the typical worker. Though due to this cut we will have to find other means for the government to generate income. As you know we plan to legalize marijuana for recreational use. This is done so that our party can collect tax from marijuana sales. It will be about 15-20% tax rate for marijuana purchase in Canada once legalized. Our party understands the difficulty of Canadians and we are working hard to ease your lives by reducing income tax.