I.R.S Audit

Murphy and Sipley: Weeks of 9/1 and 9/8

Why "The I.R.S. Audit"?

I.R.S. was the joke acronym given to the Instructional Resource Specialists by Greg when we were introduced to the new teachers. I am going to take it and run with it. This "audit" will be a great way to keep the communication lines open between the staff members of the two schools I am split between and me. Among other items, I will be keeping you up-to-date as far as what I am working on that perhaps may spark some ideas that you may want to work on with me. Remember-I am a YES man!
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What I Have Been Working On


PLCs officially started at Murphy last week and are starting up this week at Sipley. I will send out an agenda for the PLCs, however, this is your time. We will always have time to problem solve. At both schools, teachers will be receiving a binder for use during our time together. We will be putting everything for writing in it.

Units of Study-The Little Things

As teachers started to dive in and begin reading the sessions, some challenges arose. Teachers had questions about what paper students should be using, what to do if the lesson calls for a specific reading from a previous year, and asked for help in finding specific items a lesson calls for. Every time one of these issues arose, I worked to find possible solutions. Keep those questions coming!

Getting to Know You!

I have had the pleasure of meeting with almost every grade level either formally during a PLC or informally during a plan time. I would still love to sit down with those teams I have not had a chance to meet with.

Some Things to Ponder


Are you using DEB to its maximum potential? Would you like to brainstorm ways we can really maximize students' learning? I would love to do this with you. We can build units, set up work stations, or do anything you want to do! Let's work on this together!

Formative Assessments

Some grade level teams have discussed working on formative assessments this year. Let's do this together! Rachel Manjarres and I have talked at length about formative assessment so we could definitely tackle this as a team! Let's set up a day and time soon!

Guided Reading

I am a huge proponent for guided reading when it's done effectively. Below is a link to a good comprehensive article about everything guided reading. Are you thinking of doing guided reading this year? Want someone to work with or to bounce ideas off of? I'm your man!