We are proud to share some exciting news with all our residents. I am sure you all have been wondering "Why the trenches around our bushes?" and "What's wrong with that pool?" Well, our team has been working very hard to make new improvements to our beautiful community and have approved to receive 200 yards of RED MULCH (which will fill in the trenches) and to renovate our 8 year old swimming pool. All this is going Monday, February 8th, weather permitting.

What Can You Do to Help Keep Our Community Beautiful?

We ask all residents to bring in any potted plants and exterior decorations inside, so that it will not hinder the maintenance team's efforts in beautifying the community. Afterwards, we ask residents to limit their outdoor decorations to only 2 small potted plants and only 2 exterior decorations. We feel that this will give the community a clean and uniformed appearance.

Grills: Please remember not to use grills inside of your patios. They must be used at least 10ft away from the building. Do not store charcoal, propane tanks, or other grilling accessories outside of your apartment. Please keep these items inside of your patio.

Furniture: Patio furniture, or furniture of any kind, is not permitted outside of your patio, or apartment.

Pets: Pets must be leashed and pet waste must be disposed of immediately at one of our five pet stations. Please do not leave pet wastes on the grounds, near patios, doorways, or sidewalks; as it is damaging to the grass, may carries diseases, and is unsightly to your neighbors. Residents with pets will be charged a $25 fine for failure to do so. Lastly, pets are not permitted on the patios without the owner's presence.

Trash: Please dispose of your trash bags immediately. Do not leave at your doorway, or keep in your apartment for more than 3-5 days. This will prevent pests from entering the building. DO NOT LEAVE FURNITURE AT THE DUMPSTER. Our compactor is not set up to take such large items. Please keep and read the attachment regarding proper disposal of large bulky items.