Cyber Bullying

What is cyber bullying? how to prevent cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is when someone gets bullied or harassed over a social media site. Some way you can prevent Cyber bullying are, do not react when a bully is trying to harass you because that what the bully wants is for you to react. Another way to prevent cyber bullying is to block the bully or save the evendince.

facts ect

facts about cyber bullying are they can cause sucide and self harmimg. examples for cyber bullying are, say your browsing through facebook and some texted you and say your a lil girl your something like thats called cyber bullying. Also nearly 43% of kids have been cyber bullied.


Reporting cyber bullying is important tell an trusted adult you feel comforble around. If you don't tell anyone then they most likly won't stop. Also you can tell the bully to stop if the bully does not stop block them and tell somone. If the bully has threatned you, or, family you should contact the police and if the