My Broken Arm

Briana Rodriguez

First it all happened when my friend and I went to her house to get her stuff for a sleepover at my house. We got some movies,and games then more stuff for the night. Also that night it was raining,cold,and wind. Then we were walking out of her house and her parents were down at our neighbors house. Then bam! I fell in the garage because it was wet from the rain.

I even had stuff in my hands. I had one glass jar,and some plastic stuff. After that the glass broke when I slipped and fell my friend Jayden,had to scoot all the glass away from me. Also when i slipped, I hit my head on the garage floor. I was in a lot of pain. That's when Jayden went to go get my mom (cause we are neighbors).

Next my mom, Jayden, and I went into the car and drove to the E.R. even know there was a lot of traffic at 7:00 at night we tried to hurry up. When we finally arrived at the E.R. they put me in a room and gave me some pills to help with the pain,they also gave me one of those plastic bracelets with all my information like my birthday, my age and more. They let me get all comfortable until it was time for me to get my ex-ray done and a scan to check if I did anything to my head. So I went and did my ex-ray but it hurt so bad they made me put my arm into so many different position!

After I did that they came in and told me that I broke my arm, then they gave me a sling and said that's what i would be wearing for now. Last they out my sling on and said to go home and rest. So then we drove home and me and my friend relaxed in my room watching movies also eating popcorn.