Rh Factor

made by: taylor sanner

About Rh Factor

Majority of people have four major blood types: A, B, AB, and O. Blood type is determined by the types on the antigens (proteins on the surface of blood cells that can cause a response from the immune system). Rh factor is a type of protein on the surface of red blood cells.

Description of the Defect

If the mother is Rh-negative she develops antibodies to an Rh-positive baby. If a small amount of the baby’s blood mixes with your blood your body may respond as if it were allergic to the baby.


  • A miscarriage
  • An induced abortion or menstrual extraction
  • An ectopic pregnancy
  • A blood transfusion

How to get Tested

  • A blood test can provide you with your blood type and Rh factor.
  • Antibody screen is blood test, shows if an Rh-negative woman has developed antibodies to Rh-positive blood.