Writing Objectives

By Caroline Grauberger

What are some advantages to writing both content and language objectives for students to hear and see?

  1. Defining the objectives each day definitely brings more focus to my planning and thinking. (Echevarria,Short, & Vogt, 2013)
  2. They're on the board every day and the students are getting used to seeing them, reading them out loud, and evaluating whether or not we achieved them at the end of each class. (Echevarria,Short, & Vogt, 2013)
  3. Objectives should be written in student friendly format, so students are able to understand what they are learning. A great website to find student friendly standards is http://www.wiki-teacher.com/.

How might written objectives affect teacher and student performance in the classroom?

Students need to know what they are being taught and why it's important to learn the content. This also helps a teacher to be able to focus more on what needs to be taught in his/her grade level. In the lesson preparation video Vogt (n.d) argues that "Their is a connection to what I'm teaching today and what I've learned in the past." The chapter discusses the importance of learning objectives. Most importantly, the objectives should represent an aspect of academic English that students need to learn or master. (Echevarria,Short, & Vogt, 2013)