Banning Sports for Young Athletes

Should sports be banned for the young because of concussions

Doctors and Concerned Parents

Doctors and concerned parents believe that sports should be banned for young athletes. They believe this because concussions have increased over the years. They are concerned for them and they don't understand why athletes would want to put their life in danger.

What is a concussion?

"Concussions have been a common occurrence in sports especially in the youth sports. Concussions do not always involve being "knocked out," or a loss of consciousness. A concussion occurs whenever a child's mental status changes as a result of trauma (usually a blow to the head)" ("Nationwide Children's, Concussions in Sports").

Controversy Involved

Since there has been many concussions in sports, there has been rules set to level out the controversy involved. To ease parents minds, "The new guidelines call for any athlete suspected of having a concussion to be immediately removed from play and not returned until after an assessment by a licensed health care professional trained in concussion" ("abc News, New Sports Concussion Rules a Game Changer").