From Wood to Paper

By: Tayvion Bradshaw 3AC


Have you ever wondered how paper is made? It comes from trees to paper. trees are used for paper making and they grow in large forest.


The first step in making paper is tree are used for paper making grow in large forest these forest are found in many cool places around the world. Many of the trees are grown in Canada and the north of Europe. Trees are cut down and taken to the mills.


At the mill the bark is removed and wood is made into pulp. The woods pulp is dried into sheets. To take all the Chemicals off they put the tree in lava. The stack is tun put into a paper making machine.


Paper merchants buy paper in large amounts. The paper might be a special size,color,thickness.

Fun Facts

Many people now use paper tissues instead of hanker chiefs. Logs in a river are floated to the mill a machine coats paper.


this was the process of paper.
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