Chrome Apps for Mobile Learning


I like OneDrive for GoogleChrome Applications because you can keep all of your files like pictures, and documents all in one place. Would be useful for the person who has many files and lessons to keep track of.

Word Connect

Word Connect is a puzzle game of connecting words. Click and drag your cursor over the letters to form a word. This will drop down new letters. Repeat and see your score go up. How high of a score can you get in 60 seconds?
This would be great in the primary levels of elementary school giving them hands on technology tools to help them build words for language comprehension.

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Free Online English and

World's favorite free online English thesaurus, with synonyms, antonyms, word origin, example sentences, vocabulary and more!

Our English Thesaurus has the following features: • Select the perfect synonym or antonym from over 2,000,000 words. • Learn from example sentences, audio pronunciation and related terms. • Focus your search by part of speech for quick, powerful results. • Look up definitions with a simple click to

Again these two tools would be very advantageous for the writer. What great tools to use in your English Language class when you have your students writing book reports or essays.

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WeatherBug or The Weather Channel for Chrome

In the grade six curriculum, there is a Science Unit discussing weather patterns and cloud formations. This app, 'WeatherBug' would be great for students to get a real-time look at the weather in their area or even in other areas of the world. How fun, interesting, and descriptive for the student. The app is engaging, colorful, and easy to follow and read. A great app , that I highly recommend using in the classroom when needed. For more information on WeatherBug, read below information that is from the source:

Download WeatherBug to access the world’s largest network of real-time weather and lightning sensors for the best forecasts, the fastest alerts and more. When minutes matter (and they do when severe weather strikes), get more time, and Know Before™.



Digital Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch on Google Apps

Digital Clock is for the student or teacher that likes to keep track of time for an exam setting or for time management. It is bold, colorful, and useful. You can also add the date, and time in any color or font style.

Timer and Stopwatch are both for the student or teacher who is always busy or on the run! It can be implemented in the classroom as a tool to use for the interactive whiteboard on the digital projector to use in an exam setting or in gym class to calculate distances, and keep track of times.

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