Cold War

Ta'Jay Robertson


the warsaw pact was a alliance of communist nations during the cold war . the political cartoon was displaying how they were basically arguing over war and peace and which one they should pick . this was dangerous because it was a combination of the Political Consultative Committee handled political matters, and the Combined Command of Pact Armed Forces controlled the assigned multi-national forces.


NATO was a alliance of free and democratic nations . the us had way more assets then others but only used them for dumb things , NATO was dangerous because them and the us only helped when they wanted to.

Arms Race

the cartoon shows the arms race of when people built weapons in a race basically to see who cold build the bigger and better weapons . it was dangerous because while they were building these things they were also using these .


the space race was a war between the USSR & the US . this was dangerous because even though the people were in war , there was still a big threat from terrorism . thats what this picture shows.

Cuban Missle Crisis

the UN didnt help with the big things because they were too busy worrying about iraq . the cubans set up missles on the shore and shot them anywhere , the missles could reach any country . this was dangerous because it made it possible for the cubans to send those missles to anyone .