Course Reflection

Natasha Hutching

Course Expections - Met

I originally wanted to learn to what level special educations act normally. I found that most of the students I spent time with at Bluestem were very normal. Also, the websites we used to research repeatedly emphasized how special education students are normal students with different specific needs. So, yes. This course did meet my expectations, Mrs. Gutierrez. I also enjoyed that you allowed us, or forced us (however you want to see it) to use different technology tools. I did not know that many existed nor did I believe I could learn to use that many.

My Own Growth

I definitely grew up with time management. I did not submit all my assignments as quickly as Mrs. Gutierrez or myself would have liked. But with the switch to a full-time, third shift job, there was only so much change I could handle. I was also glad to see how much work I put into my projects. I use to think my own projects looked lame and did not turn out professionally or were not pleasing to the eye in the way I desired. The best trait, though, was the lack of need for professionalism. All e-mails needed to be professional, but the assignments were more creative and exciting.

I also learned the different ways that individuals learn and just how greatly their own life experiences affect those different ways. I will always remember to choose my words wisely, take my time, and ask lots of questions to become closer to those around me and to lead by example (meaning I want others to ask rather than assume).

Learning Experiences to Take with Me

I would not change a single thing.

This Classroom

Mrs. Gutierrez is very encouraging. I did not see her face, but I think it is very difficult to fake her enthusiasm. So, I like that she showed me a strong example for believing in future students.

I did not meet my classmates either, but a few of them seemed to encourage each other which is phenomenal. I do not know if they met each other, but they seemed to become friends regardless of the fact that this is an online class. I also really liked the creativity some of them used in their projects. I still remember one gentleman using a name that ended with "whosnameisthatlong." Kids love those types of jokes. He will do well.

I already stated that I liked using the technology tools. And the information I needed to study was what I wanted to study. The assignments were great!


I would also like to share a secret. On the very first assignment, I spent eight total hours researching and placing everything just perfectly on the technology tool I chose. I thought I was going to get a zero, too. If I could change anything, I would have completed that specific assignment earlier so I could ask first and give Mrs. G the chance to tell me I was doing just fine.