After High School Plans

"What Type of Education do I Need?"

In order to be a flight attendant, some companies would like applicants to have degrees with some type of customer service such as: communications, psychology, or sociology. The required education is a high School diploma or equivalent.

"What Schools or Training Facility are Good for Me?"

Schools with good psychology programs are: University of Pennsylvania, University of California (Los Angeles), and Columbia University. Schools with good education programs are: University of California (Los Angeles), University of Oregon, and Michigan State University. Schools with good communication programs are: University of Southern California, Columbia University, Michigan State University.

"University of California - Los Angeles " (UCLA)

  • The address is 405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, California.
  • Some specific programs that UCLA offers that would apply to a flight attendant are: Psychology General, Psychological Psychology / Psychobiology, Sociology, General Education, Social Work, General Public Policy Analysis.
  • As of 2015-2016 the estimated full-time undergraduate students costs are:
    • Tuition -

    • Out of state tuition: $37,471

    • Books and supplies: $1,611

    • On campus(room and board + other): $19,017

    • Total expenses out of state:

      • (off campus with family) - $49,111

      • (on campus) - $58,099

      • Books and supplies: $1,611

      • On campus (room and board+other): $19,017

"Admissions - How do I get In?" (Placement Test, GPA, Application Process, ACT/SAT)

  • Undergraduate application fee as of 2015-2016 is 70$
  • Application turn in deadline for UCLA is May 13
  • Required Admissions

    • Secondary School GPA

    • Secondary School Record

    • Completion of college-preparatory program

    • Admission Scores (SAT/ACT)

    • SAT- 5,044

    • ACT- 2,791


  • Student Faculty Ratio: 16-1
  • Enrollment: 41,845
  • Undergraduates - 29,633

"Fun Things to Do"

  • Universal Studios
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Disneyland
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Staples Center
  • Dodger Stadium


  • Generally 60-70
  • Warm air
  • Mild temperatures year round
  • Dry and sunny summers


  • Hilly coastal plains
  • Pacific ocean
  • Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains
  • Canyons and Valleys

"Paying for College"

  • Get a summer/part time job starting this summer
  • Getting as many scholarships as possible:
  1. Charles and Emma Lou Cooley Memorial
  2. Charles Ruggless Memorial
  3. Geoff Carmichael Memorial Scholarship