Reflection of Flipped Lesson

What happened during the first lesson?

  • First, I was worried about not being able to speak for 10 minutes over the topic discussed. In the end, I realized I went over ten minutes and could have continued to talk more.
  • I really enjoyed how I presented my video. I think adding a video of myself would have distracted the students.
  • I liked using powerpoint and IMovie together, it was simple and fast which is what I like when using technology.
  • I think I went about my planning very well for this lesson. I watched other flipped videos and found what I liked and disliked.
  • I disliked not knowing who my students were or not doing this with a unit. I feel as if I were to have taught a real unit I would have been able to talk on the subject more.
  • I also didn't enjoy having anyone to really talk back to me. I felt weird not knowing what the questions were that the students had.

What would I do differently?

  • Next time I want to try a math lesson because I want to try an interactive program where I can fill out the problems as I am giving the lesson.
  • I learned to feel more comfortable speaking in front of the computer. I was nervous at the beginning of the lesson, but as I continued speaking, I became more comfortable.
  • In tracking my results, I want my students to take a survey on how they like the flipped classroom and then track their progress throughout the flipped lessons.
  • I will track their learning through daily formative assessments.
  • I want to learn more about flipped classrooms, through research. I plan on using twitter chat and the internet for the bulk of this research.
  • I also plan on researching what subjects are easier to teach through flipped lessons and which are better to leave taught in the classroom.