Mads Outdoors

Country things from A to Z!

How and when this business started?

I opened up this shop in 2013 because I love to make primitive things and sell them to country folks. Our shop is a family business, we treat everyone as our own family even if they aren't. We can make anything you would like, you just have to come and talk to us to make an order. I hope you will come on by and enjoy our old products that look new!

Some of our amazing products we've sold!

Come visit us anytime!

We are open up through the whole week except for Sunday. We get there everyday at 7:00 in the morning to get everything ready by 8:00! We close at 9:00 at night. On weekend we are open 24/7 on Saturday. So come on by an see us!

We are in Virginia!

We are located in Virginia, Fortblackmore. You can look us up on google maps and find us.