Gator Greetings

Monday/December 7/2020

Dear Families,

Holiday Greetings from V. B. Glencoe Charter School!

We hope you and your families are safe and healthy as you prepare for the Christmas season. We are doing our best to bring some Christmas Spirit to our students while following COVID 19 guidelines. Below please find a schedule of Christmas and academic activities planned for next week:

Monday, December 14 – Wednesday, December 15:

Interim Testing Grades 3-10 Math & English

Wednesday, December 16: Deck Out in Your Gator Pride

Grades Pre-K – 10th students, faculty, staff, EVERYBODY is invited to show their school spirit by “Decking Out in Your Gator Pride.” Wear our new school colors – tutu’s, socks, hats, pants, shirt, tights, etc. – anything school appropriate is fair game. Two class winners will be selected based on the class who shows the most school spirit. A winner will be selected on both campuses. The winners will be awarded with hot chocolate and popcorn on Friday, December 18.

Thursday, December 17: PBIS: Christmas Pajama Day Grades Pre-K – 10th & Faculty*

Students in grades Pre-K – 10th may participate IF they (1) did not receive any major referrals, (2) detention, (3) or a weekly average of D/F in conduct for any given week between the dates of November 4 – December 15. For the reward, students may wear school appropriate Christmas/holiday/regular pajamas. In addition to wearing their pajamas, students will be awarded with a juice and snack.

Friday, December 18:

Ugly Sweater & Jeans - Grades Pre-K – 10th

ALL students may wear an ugly Christmas sweater and jeans to show their Christmas spirit! As a reminder, this day is Early Dismissal. Car riders will be dismissed at 1:15. Buses will arrive at the bus stop 2 hours earlier than normal. Please make arrangements to pick up your child from school or the bus stop at the appropriate time.

Class Christmas Parties:

Teachers will send out information regarding individual class Christmas parties.

Monday, January 4, 2021 - Return from Christmas Break

I would also like to extend my warmest wishes for a blessed holiday for your family, whether you will be celebrating in small or larger family groups. Stay safe and healthy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Loren Decuir

Director, V. B. Glencoe Charter School

COVID 19 Update

As you are aware, we are currently in a Modified Phase 2. By BESE rules, schools are allowed to continue to operate in a Phase 3 model. Because of that, we did not have to change our transportation plan. However, if things change in the future, please be aware that we will need to make adjustments to our bus rosters.

New guidance on Isolation and Quarantine periods have been shared with us last Friday and, again, today. This guidance will affect the number of days students or staff must remain in isolation or quarantine. The number of days is reduced from 14 to 7 or 10 depending on the case. For clarification, quarantine begins on the last day of contact with a positive person. Therefore, if your child continues to have contact in the home with a positive person, the quarantine does not start until the positive person ends their isolation period.

If your child has been exposed to COVID 19, please call the office to find out how their school attendance will be affected. We will make decisions regarding quarantine on a case-by-case basis.

You can review the new CDC guidance at this link:

Thank you to our teachers, students, and families for being resilient and dedicated to following all protocols to keep our campus safe and for your continued support of our school.

I would like to thank each of you for sharing your children with us. Despite COVID 19, we have had an exceptional year so far! We are looking forward to finishing this school year Gator Strong!


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