Animal Farm

Camira Luster


In the story animal farm Napolean was the head of the farm. He was controling, sneaky, and insane. He used the animals against each other. He took control and made things worst. He used the dogs to put fear into the other animals. He also used his power to make himself specail. "Long Live Napolean"!
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Violence is the main theme to me. i think this is the theme because through out the story the book showed lots of violence. For example the Battle of cowshed, it was to get their freedom from Mr.Jones. Also when Napolean, used the dogs to again leadership and power. Violence was constricted throughout the book.

Napolean's Take Over

the event took place during a election that was, planned and carried out by Snowball. Napolean got his dogs to attack and chase Snowball off the of the farm. So, he could take place and also to show that he had more power than the other animals. He knew that Snowball was more fit for the job & the animals would definately elect him no questions asked. So he needed a better plan, to capture & rule Animal Farm.

Symbol! Napolean!

Napolean played as Joseph Stalin , a dictator of the union of the Soviet Socailist Republics (USSR) from 1929 to 1953. Under Stalins rule, the Soviet Union was transformed from a peasant society into a industrail and military superpower. He also played a huge role in the Russain revolution controled by the Bolsheviks.