Message from the Principal

January 12, 2022

Dear Tigard High students and families,

We wanted to reach out to you today to talk about what the next week and a half will look like. Making a decision to temporarily shut down in-person instruction has been one of the more challenging decisions we have had to make since I have been the principal. We want you here, in your classes, in the hallways, and in our building every single day. Unfortunately, our numbers (especially our student cases) are just way too high to do that safely. That said, we also know that our students and families are amazing and that we can get through this next phase successfully.

Our teachers are working hard today to prepare for you to be in classes tomorrow, continuing everything that we’ve already been working on, and preparing you for the end of the semester in just a few weeks. Below, you will find our expectations for students over the next six school days:


All students are expected to log into their classes at the beginning of every single period each day. Teachers are posting Google Meets links on their Canvas pages today, and will take roll at least once every period. We are staying on the exact same bell schedule we have been using, including lunches. Please set timers if you need to, so you are not late after breaks, passing periods, and lunches.


Students are expected to actively participate in their classes. Teachers are creatively designing lessons that may include discussion, surveys, the use of comments, etc. They are working hard to be ready for you, and we need you to work hard with them in class. Not all classes will be online for the whole period, but when you are, please have your camera on if you are able.


If you are having issues with your device or logging into Google Meets, please submit a Tech Ticket. If you are unable to submit the ticket, please call 503-431-5400 for assistance.


The same behavior expectations are in place during online learning. First and foremost, be kind. We are all in this together and need to support one another. Inappropriate comments or behaviors will not be tolerated, and will be referred to administration for disciplinary action if necessary.

Food/WiFi Supports:

Please refer to the previous email from the school if you would like to pick up food for the next 6 school days or if you need help getting WiFi access at home. You can also fill out this form:

Parent Survey

Finally, we are confident that we can do this well and be back together on January 24th. That said, it will take an effort from all of us to stay safe and stem the spread of this particular variant. Unless you absolutely have to leave, please stay home. If you do have to leave, please wear your masks and remain socially distanced. If you haven’t already, please consider getting the vaccination and/or booster if you are eligible. We can do this, but we will have to work together to make it possible.

Mr. Bailey


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