Ms. Reed's Super Students

Week of Nov. 9th-13th

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Quick Announcements! **

  1. Boosterthon Collections-coming home today are notes about how much money is still owed that your rockstar student collected a pledge for. Be looking for them and please send the pledges in an envelope or ensure the payments have been made online. The amount still owed that is listed on the letter is from Wednesday morning.
  2. Guided Reading is going GREAT! I have been really trying to pick books that go along with other subjects but also ones that they have even a small interest in. Thank you so much for really pushing to get the book at least, somewhat familiar, on Monday nights! That makes the groups run much smoother. I have purchased small notebooks for us to incorporate a bit of writing, as well to help give everyone a more clear purpose for reading.
  3. Library-We happened to get a high traffic time for visitors, etc and are having to frequently reschedule so I am terribly sorry for the inconsistency! We will be having library on MONDAY of next week, the 16th.
  4. Field Trip happens on Thursday! We will be going to see a play and I have only had one parent express interest in chaperoning! Please contact me today if you are interested. If I have more than five I will be drawing names on Friday morning the 13th. I will be in contact with the selected five parents! :)

    ps- Please pack lunch on field trip day to help prevent traffic jams. We will be trying to squeeze into the line with fifth graders at this time and it might take a while for everyone to get lunches.

Still time to join PTA! (any relative can be a member!)

The contest is still going on! The class with the most family members to join wins! Anyone and everyone can join! Last year our PTA had 100% participation school wide! To celebrate that we even received state recognition for achieving it last year!

Special-Veterans Day-Celebrate Carroll

Friday, Nov. 13th, 8am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

We will be recognizing all military personnel and third grade has even prepared a few songs to go along with a slideshow highlighting the veterans of family members of students and staff here at Carroll!

This week we learned alot!

Math- We have been working really hard with making observations and connections to help us better understand and solve story problems. This is a life-long skill and it is one that will be taught repeatedly to ensure all learning styles are met and a solid understanding is created because the problems only get harder!

Reading- This week we have been focusing hard on the structure of an expository text and how it aids our understanding and comprehension of the information provided in it. We have discussed cause/effect, life cycles, problem/solution and timelines!

Writing- We have begun to write expository stories by selecting our favorite season or time of year and elaborating with three reasons and three supporting details for each reason.

**Grammar Talks- Our focus has once again been singular and plural nouns and discussing how to turn a singular noun to a plural noun using the spelling patterns/rules.

Science- We are still learning about forms of energy and have completed writing about how we would adapt to extreme temperatures as well as taken a few trips to the computer lab to complete STEMscopes practice.

Social Studies- We are discussing the history behind the first thanksgiving as well as thanksgiving traditions. We will be using technology and continuing our discussion to next week!

****all italics words are examples of the language we use in class. You have to use big vocabulary to learn it!

A picture walk through our week!

"Little Red Robin Hood" Field Trip

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 11am

10700 Legacy Drive

Frisco, TX

We are leaving a little before 11 to go watch a play put on by students at WHS. It is a fractured fairy tale and will last until about 12.

We will return to the classroom or the courtyards for lunch.

Due to limited seating I will only select 5 chaperones interested in attending, that have been cleared by the office. Email me if you would like to go and I will take the names and draw from a hat to keep it fair. :)

The students will wear their yellow RCC shirts on the field trip.

Next Week Overview

Our reading focus will be on identifying text features to determine which texts are fiction and differentiate them from nonfiction texts.

The second grade writers will continue to draft expository pieces and they’ll publish a paper with an illustration and caption, just like published authors do!

The math lessons will continue to focus on problem solving and showing ways to add and subtract two-digit numbers.

In science the boys and girls will explore magnets and understand the forces of push and pull.

Our social studies lesson will be about Paul Revere and the importance of his leadership during the American Revolution.

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Contact Info!

Feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible! The best ways are through email, class Dojo (messages work similar to texts), and be sure to check out our Instagram page!