News From the Nest

Whooo's Ready for a Great Year!

Welcome Back!

Third graders came into class ready to learn this week! We spent our first three days getting to know each other and learning important routines to start the year off on the right foot. We went on a "People Hunt" to find classmates that we have things in common with, played bingo to get to reacquainted with old friends and get to know our new classmates, and read stories about how to be a good friend. Hopefully, everyone is feeling comfortable in third grade and ready to "get down to business" next week!

Launching the Reading Workshop

We will begin the year reading and responding to literature in our Reading Workshop. Throughout the week we will be listening to reading, responding in our journals, and reading independently. The first few weeks of reading will be spent establishing routines, practicing appropriate behaviors, and getting to know ourselves as readers.

Students were able to borrow one of my books this week as we become accustomed to current reading levels. We will be going to the LRC next week for an orientation and to each check out three books. After next week, students will be returning books when they've finished reading them and then go to the LRC on their own to check out new books. We will no longer have a weekly library time.

We will also be taking STAR tests next week. This will allow us to set AR goals and students can then begin taking AR tests.

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Writer's Workshop

Our personal narrative pre-assesment will be given next Tuesday. Students will be given 45 minutes to write this true story. This weekend would be a great time to discuss some memorable times your child has experienced to help prepare them for Tuesday's writing.

We will also be decorating our writer's notebooks on Wednesday - so be sure your child has pictures to glue on the cover to make this notebook personal and important for them. The rest of the week will be spent discussing and practicing routines of Writer's Workshop.


Next week we will begin Unit 1 - Place Value, Estimating, and Extending Addition and Subtraction. We will take a pre-assessment and then start our first topic - rounding to the nearest tens and hundreds. The Unit 1 Math Letter will come home in next week's Friday Folder. We will also get students started on for math fact practice here in the classroom. An introduction parent letter was sent home today. Your child can also get started practicing some skills on (UN: firstinitial lastname@wsd68 PW: same as computer login)

Friday Folders

Unfortunately, the order for Friday Folders did not arrive in time for them to be sent home today. Any important notices and student work was sent home in your child's blue folder. There is also a Student Information Sheet for you to fill out when you have a chance to give us some extra information on your child. Please return this to school when you have finished. Thank you for your input and helping me to get to your child better!