Mapping the Human Brain

Karissa Fredrickson

What is Mapping the Brain?

Mapping the brain is learning the way the brain is built, how that helps it function, and which parts give us certain abilities. It examines how the outside world/enviroment you live in changes your brain, and observes what goes wrong physically during a mental illness or brain disease.

How does your brain affect you as a human and your behavior in society/you and your peers?

  • Kindness- It's a natural instinct for humans to be kind, that's how we survive. We have a kindness gene called Oxytocin. The stronger the bond you have with someone the stronger this gene gets.
  • Mental illnesses- These illnesses can include depression, ADHD, Bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, etc... Data proves that they can be connected to the structure of the nervous system, its chemistry, and how it functions. " studies show that brain growth in children with autism appears to peak early. And as they grow there are differences in brain development in children who develop bipolar disorder than children who do not. Studies comparing such children to those with normal brain development may help scientists to pinpoint when and where mental disorders begin and perhaps how to slow or stop them from progressing."
  • The brain controls absolutely everything. In order to wave at somebody, your brain sends signals to the muscles in your hand.

Future information about the brain

Scientists are trying to come up with a prosthetic that is controlled by your brain, just like you would control your hand.