McWolfan Inc.

Founders: Emma Wolf, Morgan Taylor, and Haleigh McFarland


Our plan in McWolfen Inc. is to make useful machines that help our customers with their problems in basic life. Our newest machine, The Style Machine, helps women* do their own hair when they're in a hurry, or are not capable, or too lazy to do it themselves.


Our Hair Style Machine is a multi-staged product that has 4 sides, and/or stages. The first stage: A questions survey asks how your day was. You then choose a circle of three. Great, okay, or bad. The next stage: the choosing stage, asks you what hairstyle you would like for the occasion. Once the robot intakes what you want, you go to stage three, and the robot does the hairstyle for you. Your only job is to sit in the chair and be comfortable. Finally, the fourth stage is like the first. You are asked another survey question on how your service was with the Style Machine. When you answer that question of the three faces, the process of getting your hair done has been completed.
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We made the Style Machine to make doing hair easier. With recent studies, we found that women with long hair have a hard time fixing their hair for special occasions or just to put it up. The Style Machine is the FUTURE.

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Products Like Our Invention

We've found inventions like our own, (Ex: Machine that washes your hair for you) but we've never seen a machine quite like ours. Our machine does more than others, being capable of not only doing your hair, but striving to make it better each time you use it.

Consumers Data

We've decided that our invention belongs in services, because it consists of doing your hair for you. Though it might not be the most money-making experience as Goods, it stills makes tons of money.
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Prices Of Other Machines

We've found that other machines like our own cost around $500 to $1,000, so we've put our Hair Style Machine price at $850.
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Thank Y'all!

Thank you for watching, enjoying, and appreciating our invention. Check it out! You'll enjoy it!!

*Our machine is for women and girls only.