Mining, Drilling, Fracking, Oh My !

The ways we get our resources and the effects on us.


Surface mining -


Mountain top removal

strip mining


The process of digging large open holes in the ground as opposed to a small shaft in the hard rock mining

The result of open pit mining are Copper,Gold, Aluminum.

The tools used in this process is bulldozer.

the environmental effects of this are vegetation being destroyed such as in strip mining.

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the process of mountain top removal is by coal seams are extracted from a mountain by removing the land.

The environmental effects of this is that when duping the waste materials of the mountain into valleys they get into streams which then release into the streams.

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strip mining

the removal of soil and rock above a layer or seam.

-The results of dong this is that you get Coal and Phosphate.

-Using a bulldozer

The effect of this is that land where vegetation may have been grown is now completely destroyed and is not being replenished.

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