my personality

color and description

my color is red meaning im dramatic and energetic and frequently tell jokes. i like humor, creative ideas, options and upbeat, fast-paced presentations.

5 strengths

some strengths are, well dressed, precisely groomed, competitive, heart of a tiger, stays in shape.


my animal is the badger,  a species of mustleid native to africa, southwest asia, and the  indian subcontenent. Despite its name, the honey badger does not closely resemble other badgers.

my influince

i think my influince in this class will be a good sense of humor, and a enthusiastic and expressive personality, im a very curious and sincere at heart person so if you have anything thats bothering you or you need help with something you can just come to me but i might not always give you a serious answer i use a lot of sarcasm


some careers that are reporter, police, and fishermensome hobbies are sports and exercising