Monday Talk

May 2, 20016


Please remember Christine Laurita's mother who is currently in the hospital.

(Please email me if there is any celebrations or sharing that needs to be added to our Monday Talks…..if I miss anything please let me know……thanks)

School Calendar

Please make sure to check our School Calendar daily for changes and updates. Kelly Priest keeps it updated with DIF dates, robotic club, etc. Ms. Laurita oversees the updates with Sports, Testing, etc. District Dates are imported in as well. If your club, etc. needs someting posted please send Ms. Pope an email. Thanks!!!!

Administrative Assistant's Day

Thank You Tamara and Jennie for Everything that You Do for All of Us, Our Students, Our Parents, and Our Community!!!! You Are the Best!!!!!
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Congrats Woot! Woot!

Congrats Ms. Brenda, Ms. Dot, and Mr. Kinney for Winning a Well Deserved Award for Making Sure Our School is Top Notch and Beautiful!!!!!
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Thank You Carthage Rotary Club!!!

A yearly tradition is that the Carthage Rotary Club give Each of Our Third Graders a Very Educational and Interactive Dictionary!!!! So Grateful!
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Give Five and Read Five Is Upon Us. The SGA and Beta Club will be sponsoring our collection of books again. Dates will be announced this week on when the collections will begin. Last Year we Placed 4th in the State of North Carolina for Books Collected!!!!

Schools with fewer than 400 students

Rank School District School Size Books Collected Books per Student

1 Aberdeen Primary Moore County Schools 319 10589 33.1944

2 Hawk Eye Elementary Hoke County Schools 365 9332 25.5671

3 JW McLauchlin Elementary Hoke County Schools 282 6130 21.7376

4 Highfalls Elementary Moore County Schools 301 5084 16.8903

5 Cornatzer Elementary Davie County Schools 380 4646 12.2263

6 Washington Elementary Cleveland County Schools 358 3500 9.7765

7 Union Elementary Cleveland County Schools 374 3061 8.1845

8 Union Elementary Lincoln County Schools 269 3000 11.1524

9 Bessemer City Primary Gaston County Schools 321 2700 8.4112

10 Stories Creek Elementary Person County Schools 381 2641 6.9318

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This Week of Events at Highfalls

May 2:

No Faculty Meeting

PAC 6:00 pm

Grade 8 Parent Night with North Moore High School; Auditorium 6:30 pm

May 3:


May 4:


Progress Reports Go Home

May 5:

May 6:

Elementary Robotics Competition 9:00 am PineCrest High School

Next Week of Events at Highfalls

May 9:

Faculty Meeting 2:45 Media Center

May 10:


May 11:

May 12:

May 13:

Word of The Day!!!

Daily Vocabulary Review to Prepare for Assessments:

*Announced in the morning with the sentence

*All elective teachers will incorporate word into lesson. Elective teachers will review the word at the beginning of the day and reinforce the meaning and sentence usage. Word will be incorporate into elective content instruction.

Week of May 2-May 6


Summarize- give a brief statement of the main points of something

Sentence: If your teacher asks you to summarize several events from the Civil War, she wants the important facts, not every single detail you can find.


Support-. to agree with or approve of someone or something.

Sentence: The teacher asked the student to give textual evidence to support her answer to the question.


Trace: to study or follow the development of in detail

Sentence: This book traces the history of art through the ages.


Sum- the total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers, amounts, or items.

Sentence: The sum of ten plus ten equals twenty.


Quotient- In mathematics, a quotient is the result of division.

Sentence: Students, when dividing 6 by 3, the qu

EOY Assessment Schedule to Show Our Kids Growing in Grades 3-8

May 26 Thursday: Grade 5 and Grade 8 Science EOG

Grade 4,6,7 Science NC Final Exams

May 27 Friday: Grade 4-8 Social Studies NC Final Exams

May 30 Monday: Memorial Day Holiday (No School)

May 31 Tuesday: No Assessments

June 1 Wednesday: Reading EOG Grades 3-8

June 2 Thursday: Math EOG Grades 3-8

June 3 Friday: Make Up Day: Grade 3 Read to Achieve Review Sessions

June 6 Monday: EOC Math I Grade 8 Math I Block

Re-Test Grade 3 Read to Achieve Reading

June 7 Tuesday: Fun Day

Make-Up Testing

June 8 Wednesday: Make-Up Testing

Achievement Awards Day w/ Give 5 Read 5

Grade 8 Graduation

June 9 Thursday: Last Day of 2015-2016 School Year

Make-Up Testing

Literacy and Math PD dates / topics for the remainder of 2015-2016:


January 20th: MP5 and Visual Representations

February 17th: MP6 and Interacting with Peers

March 16th: MP7 and Understanding Problems

April 6th: MP8 and Organizing

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Floor Buffing!!!!

Ms. Brenda and her awesome team will be buffing the main floors on the following dates. Please be sure to make arrangements to leave at 3:15 on the following days and be mindful of scheduling meetings due to the noise and floor restrictions. If you have any questions please see Ms. Brenda!

February 2

March 1

March 15

April 5

April 19

May 3

May 17

****If it is raining on these dates the floors will be done on the Thursdays of the scheduled week.

Daily Expectations for Soaring to Excellence

PBIS Rubric....Remember Students are not to loose stamps or receive Strikes :)

Bell to Bell Instruction

Alignment to Standards


Student Engagement

Differentiated Instruction

Posted and Aligned "I Can Statements"

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