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Are you ready to promote this fall??

***** this email is going to everyone that has me as their up line leader and does not report directly to a director********

The super star program starts on Tuesday 9/3!!

Take the steps to promote from Stylist to Star, or maintain your pay rank of Star. By the end of 12 weeks you will learn to maximize the skills of book, sell and sponsor and learn how to teach the new Stylists you sponsor to do the same, building a small team of engaged, joyful Stylists. You’ll learn a few fun tactics to build team community and increase Stylist productivity and activity. You’ll be poised to become a Heart of Leadership Star.

Registration today if you have not already! Click this link and fill out the survey if you want to join the program!!

Please let me know if you plan to join this program so that I can encourage you along the way and send surprises and be your way!!


PS... everyone ONE of you CAN do this! Don't think you can? Call me... LET'S DISCUSS

**If this program is not right for you but you would like to restart or ramp your business up this fall let's chat and come up with a plan!!

Caroline Hester, Senior Director