By: Cami Roberson


The Mayans played a game called Xcrat. You could not use hands: and the ball was made of rubber, and the losing teams captain would get killed to make the Gods happier.

Where they are from

The Mayans lived in present-day Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Their Writing

The Mayans developed a system of mathematics and number system based on the number 0

Mayans Farming Methods

The Mayans used a method called slash and burn where they burn the field and it makes the soil better to grow crops.

Mayans 365 day calender

The Mayans created a 365 day calendar that was based off things such as wind, quake, reed, grass and many other things


Most if not all the Mayans believed in sacrifice of life, mostly it was them giving their self to the gods. Or they would sacrifice their lives if the captains team lost X-Crat


  • The Incas had beautiful land
  • Built 10,000 miles of land
  • While farming they harvest potatoes
  • Excellent gold smith
  • Nobels
  • invented a record system instead of writing

The Aztecs

  • The Aztecs farming was basic in the community
  • used birds in lots of pictures
  • Thought very strongly about fighting
  • Lots of leather