Workers on the Railroads

By: Kelsey Z

Date and Location

Date: 1850's-1860's

Location: Mainly California, however the railroad ended up going into states like Nevada, Utah, etc.

Completion: May 10, 1969. Location was Promontory Summit, Utah. A giant crowd gathered to here the message "DONE!".

Immigrant Helpers

The cultures that helped with the railroad are the Chinese and Irish. The Irish helped in the beginning. However, when the Gold Rush began, the Chinese came in on boats. The Chinese came on the Californian shores.


Chinese peasants came in on boats, they ended up on Californian shores. They were from the Canton Province, in 1850. They were forced to come here from poverty and overpopulation. They were called "Celestials". They were called "Celestials" because of their spiritual beliefs.


The Irish were mainly a part of the building of the railroad. They were the ones that thought of the idea of bringing the Chinese in to help build the railroad. Considering their situation and all.

Pay and Groups

They pay was very little. The groups were 20 men under one white foreman. They got paid $27 a month at most. Not including cost of food and shelter. However, when building got difficult, the size of the groups increased. Just so they can be more efficient in working.

Ten-Mile Day

A foreman was so impressed with the efficiency of the Irish and Chinese that he laid out ten miles of railroad track. Can you believe it?! It was on April 28, 1868. They ended getting the job done with time to spare.
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Their Help in the Expansion of the West

They helped by creating a way to transport good and people anywhere in the west. if you can transport something from California to Nebraska in about 2 days, it would help the economy. And more people move west to go see the railroad as well.
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