By: Coman Young


In a little garage and bedroom in Cupertino, California Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made apple possible. Wozniak is the brains behind apple and Jobs is the public face of apple. Every computer would take up an entire room but on March 1, 1976 Jobs and Wozniak were the first to make a portable computer. When they made the computer they did not know what to call it but they came up with a pretty good name Apple. Jobs and Wozniak went out to find a company to sponsor them but the first time they went out they had no luck. Later that week they found a company that would take about 10% of the company. Jobs and Wozniak meet at a mechanic club and they are just two average men making a big difference on the world.


Apple started off as a very tiny company it only had three people working for their company at the start of Apple. They got their own factory . In 1979 they had only 250 employees at the time. Later on they started to come out with newer technology like Iphones, Ipads, and Ipods. Apple is now global to the world in all seven continents.


Almost every household contains an apple device around the world. Every august they come out with a new Iphone and that is improved every time with a lot new features. When apple donates to other companies or charities they give out 15% off of the Imac and they give out 4% on the Ipad. Many people have went to buy the iphone 6 because of all of its new features and now in august they are planning to come out with their new Iphone 7 which will have many different features in it.

Important people

Jobs and Wozniak are very important. Many people will not have the thing that they need to be successful without apple. Jobs and Wozniak have changed the world by their creations. Jobs and Wozniak made history together. On October 5,2011 Jobs died. Now the company is still running but without a very important person Jobs.

Top product

The iPhone 6, 6s, 6+,and the 6s+ are the top selling product apple has ever had. All the features that those iPhone's contains is the main reason why it is the top seller. It beholds new features that no other companies has had, they have such things as touch ID they can have you unlock your phone with your hand. With their amazing features and their wonderful commercials, apple can change the world.

Other products

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